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Alberta is getting a parental rights law

This news has the potential to be huge for the parental rights movement in Alberta.

Apparently, Premier Danielle Smith’s government is ready to introduce a “Parental Rights” bill. It could be announced this week!

I know, it almost sounds too good to be true, right?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see all the details before we can give our stamp of approval, but I am feeling optimistic.

That’s because last year, at the UCP’s Annual General Meeting, grassroots party members voted overwhelmingly to pass official party policy which supports parental rights in education and healthcare decisions.

Another good policy was also passed to make it mandatory for teachers and schools to get written consent from parents before they start using the made-up “names and pronouns” of students who are confused about their biological sex.

At that same convention, the Premier sided with moms and dads across the province when she delivered her keynote speech and described parents as being the “primary caregivers and educators” to their children.

So, the recent news about Smith’s upcoming announcement gives me hope we’ll see legislation where the rights of parents will be put ahead of the LGBT ideologues who are taking over classrooms across the province.

With all that said, there’s an important element that we fear may not be included in the legislation, and which Alberta parents and other concerned citizens must demand gets added.

Any new legislation that promises to stand up for the rights of parents needs to include a special provision requiring parental consent if a minor child seeks abortion.

This common-sense measure is 100% necessary when it comes to keeping parents informed about the safety of their children.

Just think about it …

Parents need to give their consent to have an over-the-counter medication like Advil administered to their child at school.

You even have to sign permission slips so a child can go to the zoo or a museum with their school.

So, why is it that parents should be kept in the dark if their underage daughter wants to have a surgical abortion? The same logic would apply to chemical abortions, as well, which are at least as dangerous as the surgical type.

As you can see, this soon-to-be-announced parental rights legislation is our chance to incorporate parental consent where it’s so greatly needed!

Please contact Premier Smith right away and let her know that any new “parental rights” legislation MUST include a parental consent provision for minor children seeking an abortion.

We find it’s best if you send an email and then make a quick phone call, because it doubles your impact.

Here’s how you can reach her:

Premier Danielle Smith
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 587-270-5110 (Main Office) – 403-527-5622 (Satellite Office)

There’s another key member of Smith’s government who needs to hear from you about this:

Minister Adriana LaGrange
Alberta Minister of Health
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403-342-2263 (Constituency Office)

We need as many Albertans as possible reaching out to the Premier and her Health Minister to make sure the UCP delivers on the parental rights it promised.

So please, pass this email along to all of your family and friends throughout the province.