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Pressure to Expand Abortion in New Brunswick

When I heard the news last Friday, I could hardly believe it. Clinic 554 had cried wolf for so many years, threatening to close their doors if the province kept refusing to fund them, that I had mostly tuned them out.

But, on January 31, 2024, New Brunswick’s only private, for-profit abortion business shut its doors for good – for real. Praise the Lord!

Clinic 554 Closes!

Clinic 554 had its origins in 1994 as the “Morgentaler Clinic” under the direction of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s foremost preborn butcher and notorious abortion activist. In 2015, that grisly enterprise switched owners and took on its new name.

Clinic 554 had faced years of insolvency, becoming dependent on hand-outs from pro-abortion donors to stay afloat. Apparently, there were not enough women wanting to have their preborn babies killed!

The pressure was relentless on Premier Blaine Higgs to change the law (Regulation 84-20) and provide direct funding to this for-profit slaughterhouse. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to force Premier Higgs to fund the clinic, with the federal government withholding vital healthcare dollars to punish the province for its stand. The province also faced a legal challenge over the issue.

Thankfully, Premier Higgs has remained steadfast in upholding the law and refusing to give in to bully-tactics. The people of New Brunswick have also shown their support for the Premier’s position when, at the height of the Clinic 554 controversy, they voted to elevate his minority Conservative government to majority status in the 2020 election.

A central promise in the platform of the opposition Liberal party at that time was to divert taxpayer funds away from existing medical services to subsidize Clinic 554 and increase “abortion access” across the province. This did not resonate with voters, and the Liberals lost that election, in part, over their abortion radicalism.

Despite the closing of Clinic 554 last week, the pressure has only increased on Premier Higgs and his Conservative government. Pro-abortion lobbyists and their political and media allies are now lamenting a lack of access to “abortion services” in the central and western regions of the province, since surgical abortions are only available in three hospitals – one in Bathurst and two in Moncton. They are demanding more “abortion access” all across the province, trying to portray the Higgs government as being misogynist and neglecting “women’s healthcare”.

Since 2024 is an election year in New Brunswick, we expect this issue of “abortion access” to rise to the top. Therefore, it is vital that we make it clear to our MLAs that the people of New Brunswick are solidly against the expansion of preborn killing. We do not want to see our scarce healthcare dollars going to fund more elective procedures that destroy human lives.

We need to reach out to our MLAs with emails and phone calls urging them not to go down the path of expanding surgical abortions to more hospitals.

Our province must stand firm and refuse to appease the abortion lobby with any concession whatsoever that would make it easier to kill more unborn babies and divert scarce funds from urgent medical procedures, like MRI scans and knee replacements, that are already underfunded.

As we celebrate the closure of Clinic 554, let’s continue fighting to keep the pro-life gains we have made in this province!

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