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Ban Child Sex-Change in Canada!

It seems that Conservative leaders in this country are finally growing a spine when it comes to protecting children from the harms of transgender ideology!

On January 31st, Premier Danielle Smith announced that Alberta will ban child-sex change surgeries for children under age 18. Also outlawed will be puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children 15 years and younger.

This wonderful parental rights and anti-child mutilation announcement has been warmly welcomed by most Canadians. Premier Smith has been riding high in popularity, receiving praise from pro-family groups like Campaign Life Coalition, but also from some quarters that are often hostile to conservatives.

This political and moral shockwave could not be ignored by Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre, although he tried hard not to comment in the immediate aftermath of Smith’s announcement.

However, after being badgered by the media to reveal whether he supports or opposes Premier Smith’s ban on puberty blockers for kids, Poilievre finally admitted today, February 7th, that he agrees with Alberta’s policy of protecting children from the permanent and irreversible effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones!

Watch it here, or click the image below to watch the video on X.

Smith delivered a political miracle.

Now, Poilievre has given us a political earthquake.

Justin Trudeau and the legacy media’s control of the narrative on transgender child mutilation is being shaken and battered before our eyes.

Take this in....

The man who is set to become Prime Minister has just said he believes child sex-change is wrong!

This is amazingly good news!

Let’s seize the momentum! 

Alberta has committed to introducing legislation banning the form of child abuse known as surgical and chemical sex-change.

That’s one government down.

The man likely to become our next Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre, has said he agrees with her policy, but has not yet committed to introducing federal legislation if his party wins the next election.

We need to move him to the point of promising federal legislation...

... and I think he's very close!

If we succeed, that'll be two down.

There are 12 other provinces and territories who haven’t yet made any commitment to follow Alberta’s lead. In total, that’s 13 leaders we need to push even harder to give parents the legislative commitments they’re demanding across Canada.

How can we pressure them to do the right thing and promise legislation?

Sign and share CLC’s petition asking all these Leaders to ban child-sex change at their respective level of government, ASAP!

We already have more than 10,000 signatures on this petition, which is a fantastic start. Jack, please help us get to 20,000 signatures ASAP so we can present it to Mr. Poilievre and all 12 provincial and territorial Premiers.

If you haven’t signed it yet, please do so here.

If you’ve already signed it, you can still help us get more signatures!

Please spread the word by sharing the petition with your friends, relatives and members of your church. Share it on all your social media accounts, as well.

The pro-family movement is going from strength to strength, but we must keep the momentum going in our fight against the evil of transgenderism. Help us prevent dangerous abusers in the transgender mutilation industry from cutting off the healthy breasts and genitals of our precious children, and poisoning and sterilizing them with puberty blockers.