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Can Canada Be Saved From Extinction?

February 26, 2024 (Epoch Times) – The greatest crisis now facing the West is not so-called climate change or the real dangers of mass immigration, although these are being used by global influencers to destabilize populations and even overthrow sovereignties. The greatest crisis is not the rise of surveillance regimes that gravely threaten freedom and democracy, nor is it the rise of a legion of sexual ideologies that assault the primordial male-female binary and the procreative relationship that is its exclusive prerogative.

A crisis that runs much deeper, and is far more serious in its effect, is population collapse which is leading to the extinction and annihilation of Western civilization. The West today is destroying itself. It is a rapidly accelerating suicide at the heart of which are anti-life and anti-family mentalities fuelled by contraception and abortion.

Here is a look at the numbers.

In the 1950s, Canada’s golden age of fertility, the average woman bore about 4 children over her lifespan. Since then, the fertility rate has steadily declined to today’s dismal rate of 1.3, a staggering decrease of 64%, well below the 2.1 children per woman needed for the population to replace itself in order to maintain the health of current social structures. Canada also has an aging population lacking the support base of younger generations, which inevitably spells economic doom and national disaster, though immigration as a bandage solution may stem this for a while.

Canada’s decline in the fertility rate in the 1960s inversely followed the introduction and widespread acceptance of the contraceptive pill, a medical intervention that separates sexual relations from procreation, resulting in the somewhat unanticipated malady of modern child aversion. Today, an estimated four out of five Canadian women use some form of contraception, preventing the conception of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Canadian babies annually. Contraception is certainly a big driver of the West’s suicide.

But it gets worse.


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