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A tale of four hypocrites

The hypocrisy at the Toronto Catholic District School Board is too blatant to ignore, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing are barely hiding who they really are.

What am I talking about?

Well, last week the TCDSB trustees shot down a motion to fly the International Pro-life Flag at every Catholic school throughout the month of May, and to provide students with pro-life instruction using church teachings and the Bible.

An 8-to-2 majority voted against the important right-to-life motion.

I believe all eight of these trustees will have innocent blood on their hands...

If the motion had passed, it would likely have resulted in abortion-minded teen girls and young women changing their minds and choosing life for their baby.

However, in this follow-up report, I want to focus on the four trustees who were arguably the biggest hypocrites: Angela Kennedy, Markus De Domenico, Kevin Morrison and Maria Rizzo.

Their mind-numbing arguments against the motion at the April 23rd board meeting (and before it) absolutely beggars belief.

With straight faces, they spewed utter nonsense, and their logic was totally inconsistent and showed them to be hypocrites of the highest order.

Trustee Kennedy’s hypocrisy & bizarre logic

In 2021, in a jarring display of anti-Christian indoctrination, Angela Kennedy (Ward 11) voted with a majority to fly the LGBT Pride Flag at every Catholic school throughout the month of June, even over the objection of then-Cardinal Thomas Collins.

Yet, during her speech in advance of the vote on Trustee Mike Del Grande’s motion (which is consistent with Church doctrine) she had the unbelievable gall to claim that flying the right-to-life flag would represent “indoctrination”!

Can you believe the hypocrisy?

Laughably, she also argued that if the pro-life motion were allowed to pass, it would make it “impossible” for a TCDSB student “to be a discerning believer, formed in the Catholic faith”.

What on earth is she talking about?

Let me get this straight...

In Kennedy’s bizarro world, promoting transgenderism and homosexuality at a Catholic school is perfectly consistent with Christianity! However, a flag that promotes the right-to-life of innocent preborn babies is contrary to it?

Watch her unhinged speech:


Rizzo’s ridiculous rant

Trustee Rizzo (Ward 5) is another one who proudly voted to fly the extremely political LGBT Pride Flag over the heads of every student in the TCDSB.

Yet, after Del Grande presented his pro-life motion, she gave an outrageous speech decrying the pro-life flag as “nasty politics worming its way into our board room or into our classrooms” and “not acceptable”.

In a failed attempt to pre-empt accusations of being a hypocrite for supporting the LGBT flag and opposing the pro-life one, she obfuscated from the obvious contradiction by arguing that the central difference between the two issues is that the Pride motion was allegedly “student-driven” whereas the pro-life flag was not.


Hey Maria, the true central difference between the two issues is that the former violates Catholic moral teaching while the latter reinforces it! That’s how you should’ve based your voting decisions, not the irrelevant factor of whether students were demanding it.

In a revealing moment during her tirade against the pro-life motion, Rizzo said something that can and should be used by parents to demand that schools stop flying the transgender and homosexual Pride flag in June.

In her pathetic attempt at obfuscation, she insinuated that it’s academically counter-productive for schools to spend time celebrating the sanctity of life throughout the month of May because it takes away time from academic instruction.

Here’s an excerpt from her speech:

Boards are also still debating the best ways to teach reading and writing and mathematics. And I think that’s what our parents, um, are saying to me, in my ward, that this is not acceptable.

Well, if dedicating a month to celebrating the right-to-life is an obstacle to reading, writing and math, how much more counterproductive to academic learning is the June-long celebration of all things transgender and “gay”?

Maria claimed to be informed by what parents are telling her about the need to focus on basic academics.

I hope that many parents will now go ahead and tell her what they think of LGBT Pride Month celebrations!

Watch Rizzo’s ridiculous speech:


De Domenico’s sabotage & Morrison’s paranoia

Prior to the vote, Ward 2 Trustee, Markus de Domenico had made his opposition to the pro-life initiative loud and clear.

In a radio interview with Greg Brady on AM 640, de Domenico disparaged the right-to-life motion as "so inappropriate" and "ridiculous". He also alleged that flying a pro-life flag would be too political.

Yet, in 2021, Trustee de Domenico was arguably the biggest advocate for flying the LGBT Pride flag at every Catholic school throughout the month of June!

During last week’s meeting, Trustee de Domenico introduced a subversive countermotion that we believe was designed to sabotage Del Grande’s truly pro-life motion.

If passed, de Domenico’s motion would effectively cancel the “Respect for Life” week that has been celebrated throughout the TCDSB since the 1990’s and timed to coincide with the same week as the National March for Life in Ottawa, as a show of solidarity with the country’s largest annual pro-life event.

In its place, de Domenico’s motion would institute a watered down and ambiguous “National Family and Life Week”, to occur the week after the National March for Life.

In reality, this was a sneaky move to quietly withdraw TCDSB support from the National March for Life and the pro-life movement!

Sadly, it passed, but at one point, Trustee Kevin Morrison peppered de Domenico with questions about his subversive counter-motion, and repeatedly expressed his nervousness about pro-life flags at TCDSB schools:

"Will this motion in any way have a flag attached to it? Will we have flags anywhere? Because I’m getting a bit worried about flags”, he asked, in a visibly agitated and nervous state.

Watch the strange interaction:


Perhaps TCDSB parents should now leverage Morrison’s clear irritation with “flags”, to demand the cessation of LGBT Pride flags at Catholic schools?

Maybe Morrison’s words, combined with Rizzo’s and Kennedy’s, should be used as a basis for insisting on a new policy to fly only the Canadian, Ontario, and municipal flags at any TCDSB building?

Support our hero, Trustee Mike Del Grande

With his motion, Mike has done the pro-life movement a great service.

It has flushed out the bad trustees, exposed their opposition to the pro-life movement and their antipathy towards the 100,000 preborn boys and girls who are murdered by abortion annually. As a result, we can more easily work to oust them in the next school board election.

Mike needs our support in his ongoing court battles against the TCDSB and the Ontario College of Teachers. He’s buried in legal costs from their persecution and at risk of not being able to continue.

If he has to abandon these legal actions due to lack of financial resources, it will probably lead to Mike being forced off the TCDSB… and us losing his powerful voice on that board.

So, please consider making a donation to Trustee Del Grande’s legal costs, by clicking here.

If you don't wish to give online, please send cheques to: Campaign Life Coalition, 157 Catharine St. N., 2nd Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8L 4S4 1-800-730-5358. Please include the word "Stand with Del Grande" in the memo field.

P.S. To read my full report from last week, click here.