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Stand With Arnold Viersen

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is going after one of the most stalwart pro-life MPs in the House of Commons - Arnold Viersen, a Conservative MP in the Alberta riding of Peace River-Westlock. In fact, he is the Chair of the Parliamentary Pro-life Caucus on Parliament Hill.

Unfortunately, Viersen has been under attack by the Liberal Party, the liberal media, and even by... the Conservative Party’s Liberal-lite Leader, Pierre Poilievre.

ABOVE: Arnold Viersen (Conservative - Peace River-Westlock) in the House of Commons.

Here’s what happened….

Viersen agreed to be interviewed on a podcast by Liberal MP Nate Erskine-Smith about his Bill C-270 to protect children from online pornography. The podcast was published Friday May 31st.

During the interview, Erskine-Smith asked him if he would like to see abortion banned, to which Viersen responded that he and other pro-lifers “want it to be illegal. We want the humanity of the pre-born to be recognized.

The host also asked him how he’d vote if a hypothetical, future bill about gay marriage were ever to arise.

As a devout Christian who has always been proudly pro-family, Viersen answered honestly how he’d act in that situation: “I vote gay marriage down."

Well, Liberals and their allies in the media pounced, as if these were somehow surprising statements for the longtime socially conservative MP to make.

Could anybody really expect Arnold to answer differently?

Leftist and internal CPC attacks began immediately

This obviously upset the pro-abortion, pro-gay Pierre Poilievre and the Red Tories who run his office because the very next day, Viersen was presumably forced to put out a statement clarifying that his views were his own and did not represent the views of the Leader nor of the Conservative Party.

Doing his best impression of Erin O’Toole, Poilievre then issued a press statement on Monday, kowtowing to the Liberal mainstream media, reassuring them of his undying support for abortion and homosexuality.

In what must’ve been humiliating for Arnold, Poilievre promised the Marxist press that Viersen’s statements “do not represent the position of the Conservative Party, or myself as leader.

Poilievre’s deplorable statement continued:

“As per our party’s policy book, adopted by party members, has said for years, ‘a Conservative government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion’. When I am prime minister, no laws or rules will be passed that restrict women's reproductive choices. Period.”

“Canadians are free to love and marry who they choose. Same sex marriage is legal and it will remain legal when I am prime minister, full stop.”

Campaign Life Coalition takes issue with Poilievre’s false insinuations that the Conservative Party’s membership, voting base or policy book supports the killing of children via abortion, or homosexual so-called “marriage”.

Social conservatives represent up to 70% of the party’s base.

They largely oppose abortion – at least to some extent – and believe in the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman.

CLC put out a 13-part post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, both to explain why Poilievre is wrong, but also to defend Arnold Viersen’s principled moral stances. You can read that entire thread on X.

Sign the Petition: Stand with Arnold Viersen

It takes a lot of courage and integrity for an MP to publicly defend the right to life and the biblical definition of marriage.

And when a politician does that, like Viersen has, our entire movement owes it to them to have their back.

For that reason, CLC has launched a new petition called I Stand With Arnold Viersen.

Sign it now and we will deliver the signatures to Arnold Viersen so that he sees your support.

A copy will also be given to Pierre Poilievre so that he realizes that Viersen’s values are cherished by many Canadians, and nothing to be ashamed of.

We will tell Poilievre to stop ostracizing and insulting social conservatives who are the largest wing of his party after fiscal conservatives.

Please stand with Arnold Viersen.