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Amnesty International adopts abortion on demand mandate

From July 6-8, Amnesty International delegates from around the world, met in Warsaw, Poland, at their annual Global Assembly. Members voted in favor of updating the organization’s abortion policy, pushing for “not just to decriminalize abortion, but to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in a broad way”. Their previous position from 2007 supported abortion in limited cases, but now, their policy has been expanded to support abortion on demand. In their press release, they stated that they’ve adopted this new policy in order to “tackle the devastating human rights consequences of misguided attempts by countries to criminalize and restrict abortion”.

We have to ask, what exactly is ‘misguided’ about a nation wanting to give legal protection to children in the womb? It is not a coincidence that they decided to host this meeting in Poland, one of a handful of countries in Europe where abortion remains illegal, has a pro-life government, and an overwhelming majority of pro-life citizens who are currently being intimidated by Amnesty International, the European Union, the United Nations and foreign radical feminist and abortion crusaders, to normalize killing children in the womb.

Even though Amnesty International adopted a 'new' abortion policy, it is important to point out that, for many years, they have already been extremely busy advocating for abortion, in countries where it was illegal, by well-funded marketing campaigns and protests.

In recent years, they were key players in (unsuccesfully) promoting an end to the abortion ban in El Salvador, they launched the “My body, my rights” campaign in Ireland, leading up to the abortion referendum, and they publicly celebrated the recent abortion bill in Argentina. By working hand in hand with the world’s largest abortion agencies, their reputation as a leader in defending genuine human rights has been compromised for many years.

It is a shame that an organization that for decades has prioritized standing up for the human rights of the marginalized and those wrongfully imprisoned, is now part and parcel of the abortion industry, promoting the killing of children in the womb.

If you haven’t yet withdrawn your support from Amnesty International, an organization who has for years engaged in ideological colonialism by using their western dollars and their global influence to access developing countries in order to lobby their governments to legalize abortion, now is the time to do so. Their support for abortion on demand has always been known, now it has been cemented.