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Trudeau’s attestation is still totalitarian evil. Churches must refuse to sign.

On December 6, the Trudeau government announced that it would modify the attestation it inserted last year into the federal Summer Jobs Program, which had been condemned universally.

From Global News:

“The Liberals are changing the controversial Canada Summer Jobs attestation that required program applicants to attest respect for a range of established rights, including access to abortion.

Now, groups that work to undermine those rights or that promote discrimination simply won’t be eligible for funding.”

Last year, hundreds of churches and small businesses refused to sign the attestation which required the employer to swear that “both the job and the organization’s core mandate must respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms as well as other rights”.  

The attestation guide went on to spell out that the “rights” to which employers had to pledge loyalty included access to abortion, LGBTTIQ and transgender ideology.

The specific thing modified is that employers no longer have to attest that their organization’s “core mandate” will respect abortion and transgender ideology.  They only have to swear that the jobs that young people will perform won’t “undermine” those so-called rights.

Canadians must see this for what it is.  A campaign maneuver by Trudeau, just 11 months before an election, trying to pre-empt a backlash at the ballot box by Christian voters. Trudeau knows that he made the mistake of showing his teeth to people of faith last year when he introduced the pro-abortion/ transgenderism loyalty oath. It was instantly recognized as a totalitarian policy to oppress Christians.

Clearly, Liberals fear it will hurt them in the 2019 election, and Trudeau is doing damage control to try to persuade churches and religious leaders that he’s not really the enemy of the cross they believe him to be.

But religious leaders must not be fooled. Trudeau is still every bit the enemy of the cross.

He has transformed the Liberal Party into a hate group against Christians, and while this tweak to the Summer Jobs Program is designed to look like a reprieve from anti-Christian discrimination, it’s only an empty gesture that will be retracted should he win another term in 2019.

Based on his past actions, I believe that Justin Trudeau has every intention of expanding his values attestation after winning the next federal election. The pro-abortion & transgenderism loyalty oath will make its way into many other federal programs. Euthanasia will eventually be added to the attestation. And why not mandate belief in man-made global warming theory next?

The new attestation will still ask the employer or non-profit group to attest that “the job” the student is being hired for “will not be used to undermine or restrict the exercise of rights legally protected in Canada”. More specifically, it renders ineligible any job activities or projects that “actively work to undermine or restrict a woman’s access to sexual and reproductive health services”.

Here’s the bottom line…. The new attestation is still unacceptable for Christian churches and employers

Genuine Christian believers should not sign it, in good conscience.

Why not?

Because it indirectly forces one to assent to the false idea that killing babies in the womb is a genuine “right”.  There is no authentic right to kill preborn children, no matter what the law says.

For a religious leader or Christian Church to affirm that they believe abortion is a right – even indirectly - would be a scandal and a betrayal. Ditto for acceptance of LGBT ideology and the theory of gender identity, both rooted in an embrace of disordered behaviour.

Religious leaders toying with the idea of signing the modified attestation in order to get the summer jobs funding should conduct the following thought experiment to help them discern whether it would be moral to do so:

Imagine that you lived back in the days when slavery was legal. The government comes out with a Summer Jobs Program that would help hire young people. But in exchange for the money, you would have to swear that the job “will not undermine the right to own black people as slaves”. 

Would it be ethical for you to sign it?

Would you not be indirectly affirming that slavery is a genuine right?

By this simple device, Trudeau is imposing a moral straitjacket on Canadians who hold a different set of beliefs than the Liberals.

Essentially, Trudeau is telling Canadians that you are allowed to hold whatever beliefs you want, BUT, if you wish to access federal government programs, you cannot act on those beliefs if they happen to oppose controversial ideas now “recognized” as “rights” by the courts, or by Justin himself.

It’s worth pointing out that the new attestation doesn’t just bar pro-life, pro-family employers from having access to a federal program.  It is also designed to limit their participation in the political process and in democracy itself. 

It tells Canadians that, with respect to this basket of issues (abortion, transgenderism, etc) the law must be frozen in time forever.  These laws are off-limits to the average Canadian voter. So says Emperor Justin. Not even discussion about challenging this basket of laws and/or court rulings is permitted. Just shut up and accept the status quo.

Never mind that it was perfectly acceptable when the left was lobbying to change our abortion law in the 1960’s and our marriage law in the early 2000’s.  Now that the left controls power, it seems that the rules are different for us. So much for the left’s belief in “equity”.

Campaign Life Coalition and other pro-life organizations have a constitutional right to lobby for a change in the law, specifically one designed to protect mother and child from the harms of abortion. We have a right to criticize government policy.

By virtue of our status as rights-holding Canadians, it is wrong for Trudeau to police our beliefs, and to discriminate against us, with respect to accessing federal programs. Moreover, Trudeau’s entire premise for discriminating against pro-life employers is a fraud.  We are the human rights defenders. Trudeau and his progressive ilk are the human rights violators

He is prepared to do anything and everything to achieve his radical anti-life agenda, even the violation of fundamental human rights of freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech. To make the claim that he has the right to deny us access to federal programs because we supposedly want to undermine human rights is laughable. 

Campaign Life Coalition opposes abortion, in order to save babies’ lives. Trudeau is resolute in his determination to allow the killing of babies via abortion in Canada, and in funding these killings overseas.

Tell me again, which of these two parties is a human rights defender?