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Media story about Day 1 consultation results is fake news

On Monday, Canada’s biased, pro-Liberal news media sunk to a new low. The Canadian Press published a story suggesting that:

“An overwhelming majority of those who weighed in on Ontario's sex education on the first day of public consultations opposed Premier Doug Ford's repeal of a modernized curriculum introduced by the previous Liberal government”.

According to the article, this conclusion was based on responses to the consultation website for Day 1 only, which it says had just 2 dozen responses in favour of the sex ed repeal, and by calculation, roughly 1500 against it.

This story is so incredibly fishy. It stinks like a mackerel that was left in the sun for a couple of days. It smells of collusion. And I don’t mean the fake kind of collusion peddled by CNN about Donald Trump allegedly plotting with Russians to fix the presidential election.

I mean real collusion, between Canadian journalists, the radical-leftist teachers unions, the LGBTTIQ lobby, and perhaps even progressive bureaucrats in government, all working in unison to overturn the democratic will of voters, as expressed at the ballot box in the June 2018 election. 

This CP report raises serious questions of bias, egregiously selective reporting, and possible collusion by reporters with political actors in order to weave a story that has the political goal of causing Doug Ford to betray the parents who elected him. 

Let me state clearly – this was not an objective news story. It has the optics of a political maneuver by biased journalists who are in cahoots with left-wing activists and progressive moles in the government.  I think this was journalistic malpractice, and they need to be held to account.

If the media’s not in collusion with anti-conservative forces, which I find it hard to believe since they’re pretty smart people, then the only other explanation is that journalists allowed themselves to be steered by left-wing activists to write the story that the latter wanted and planned for.

This story raises a serious question, which I think the Canadian Press needs to answer about this highly suspicious story.

Why in the heck did the Canadian Press only request (or obtain) results for Day 1, through its Freedom of Information request? The reporters give no explanation why they reported only the first of 77 days that the consultation was open.

The story also raises serious questions for which Premier Ford owes an answer to the parents who put their trust in him.

  •  Did the government respond to the media's FOI request with only data for Day 1? If so, why?
  •  Why did the government not make a big announcement about the launch date of the consultation website being opened, thus leaving most Ontarians, including CLC, unaware that it had begun?
  •  Why, on Friday September 30th, the first day of consultations, did Education Minister Lisa Thompson only inform school boards – who take their cues from the uber-liberal teachers unions – about the consultation being open? 
  •  Why were parental rights stakeholders never informed by the Ministry?

Campaign Life Coalition only found out on Tuesday October 2nd, three days later.  That means we were not able to inform the tens of thousands of parents in our networks until 3 to 5 days after the website launched.

Might this have transpired because the Minister herself always supported Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex program (see here and here), and she wanted the media to spin the results so as to sabotage Ford’s repeal?  

CLC only found out about the consultation's opening after 3 days. The optics here are that the radical teachers unions and professional LGBT activists had been given advance notice; and they had their comments prepared before the website’s opening, and were ready to dump them within hours on Day 1. 

Enter the Canadian Press, with its selective reporting of only the Day 1 results. 

Why not Day 7, after regular parents finally heard about it and had a chance to participate? 

Why not Day 10 or Day 30? I happen to know that by this point, anti-Wynne sex ed respondents were heavily engaged in the process.

The consultation lasted 77 days. The selective media reporting of Day 1 results only - when we know for a fact that ordinary parents across Ontario weren’t informed for least 3 to 5 days later - is highly suspicious.  

I suspect that activists within the leftwing teachers unions and the gay lobby were tipped off in advance about the launch of the website, and meanwhile, real parents were deliberately kept in the dark. The tip off may’ve come from leftist bureaucrats in the government hired by the Wynne Liberals who fashion themselves as Ontario’s counterpart to the anti-Trump “resistance”. Or even from Minister Thompson herself, given her pro-Liberal views on sex ed.

What was the purpose of this Day 1 story?  It seems to me that the left – including the liberal media – is trying to use these orchestrated Day 1 results to pressure Ford into not waiting for the final results, and to decide right now, that the repeal is dead in the water.

I bet that the leftist bureaucrats and progressive moles in government already know that our side won the consultation process and that the final numbers will bear out that the majority of parents don’t want gender identity theory, anal sex, and masturbation taught at all, amongst other age-inappropriate, overly explicit lessons. 

Therefore, they spun this tale using the orchestrated Day 1 data, with the help of the media, to ensure that Premier Ford makes up his mind, this very week that the repeal is dead, and his administration will not make meaningful changes to the Liberal sex program, regardless of the final results.  

For now at least, the Premier’s reaction suggests he has not caved to the pressure, and recognizes that special interests skewed the Day 1 results.  That’s a good sign, but parents must not get complacent about this incident.

By whatever means possible, this media corruption must be exposed. Those of you reading this, please be creative in how to get this message out. It might include posting a link to this blog in the Comments section of all the media reports that republished the fake news CP story.

Perhaps independent media outlets should contact the CP journalists to investigate why they were seemingly only curious about Day 1? 

Maybe independent journalists or conservative bloggers should file their own FOI request to ask for all correspondence between Ministry of Education staff, MPPs and Canadian Press reporters, on the topic of the sex ed consultation results? You should definitely express your concerns to the Premier and to your Progressive Conservative MPP.

Parents across Ontario must not be discouraged, or give up the fight in light of this dirty trick by the media.   Let’s expose the media bias, and make Premier Ford and his caucus aware of it.

Tomorrow, I will have more to say about troubling signs that the consultation process itself may’ve been tilted against parents.