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The Not-So-Secret Secret: The UN and the Indoctrination Agenda

Who desires to cause a negative impact upon our world? I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: UN agencies, the United Nations, and those advocating for the dismantlement of the traditional family.

How are they doing this?  They are systematically causing confusion among the youth and implementing a new social structure of false inclusivity. Their desire is to push an ideological definition of sex above the biological definition, and to indoctrinate children through the education system. By pushing comprehensive sexual education, these entities bypass parental authority, and directly indoctrinate children with an ideologically-driven definition of sex, over and above the simplicity of the scientifically proven biological facts. 

The oversexualization of children is part of the United Nations' "17 Sustainable Development Goals," or SDGs. Through education, they seek to achieve equality of the sexes, but this is completely hypocritical, as they seek to achieve this false “equality” through the suppression of males while simultaneously attempting to raise females to a higher social position. This is not equality; it is supremacy. Raising one gender or group of people above another will never transpose into equality, rather it will lead to division and further societal angst.  This goes against the message of inclusivity and unity that these educators and officials say they desire. At the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63) there was one event where the statement was made that, “men need to take a back seat and be silent in order for women to be promoted.”  Immediately following this statement, they said that, “men need to do their job; they need to promote women!”  This left me feeling confused.  They say men are supposed to be silent and take a back seat, yet in the same breath they are saying men need to do their job? Do they want men to stand and speak, or are men supposed to be silenced and do nothing?  Confusing.

What are the next steps for these radicals? Infiltrating faith-based communities with their ideologies and presenting faith leaders with a reinterpretation of their foundational theologies through a social justice or gender-based lens.  If we allow this to happen, they will dictate their agenda against the family unit by monitoring churches, mosques, and temples of all kinds.  Children are the target.  Changing the child's perception of the role and place of the family unit in society is their plan.

The United Nations’ agencies know what is standing in the way of their agenda - strong families.  Parents who watch over their children’s entire development - physical, educational, and spiritual. So, I implore parents to stand strong, educate yourselves, stand up for your convictions, and stand up for your children. Whatever the cost. One day your children will thank you.



Guest blogger Mattea Merta currently works with Member of Parliamement Brad Trost from Saskatchewan. She is very involved in the political sphere and dedicates much of her time to working with candidates running for office across Canada federally, provincially, and municipally.