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LGBT Hype Fuels Conversion Therapy Ban

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to the Liberal government’s proposed ban on so-called “conversion therapy” (Bill S-202). Many people on the Left are saying that this ban protects homosexuals and transgenders from discrimination and abuse. In a recent Huffington Post article, Peter Gajdics, an LGBT activist who equates “conversion therapy” with “healing through Christ”, exclaims: “Conversion therapy is torture, plain and simple. No one has the right to torture another human being, or to expose them to a fraudulent, cruel and dangerous human rights violation.”

But are people really being tortured in Canada today? Are the human rights of LGBT practitioners truly being violated? Are medically fraudulent practices actually taking place?

These are wildly outrageous claims. Believe me, in our post-modern, ultra-liberal society, if there was any grain of truth behind these claims, you can be sure the police would act. At the very least, some zealous Human Rights Commissioner would step in. And if doctors were involved in actual malpractice, they would lose their licence – and their shirt!

But nothing like this is happening. NOTHING at all. It’s all just a lot of LGBT hype.

The problem is that people are starting to believe the hype – and our legislators are going along with them. And that’s a big problem!

Bill S-202 is not just a simple ban on cruelty towards those who identify as LGBT. It is a very insidious and totalitarian measure that will strip all Canadians – including LGBT individuals – of some basic and fundamental rights.

Free to Change - Free to Help

Under Bill S-202, any effort to help another person overcome his/her unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction will be deemed “conversion therapy” – even if that person requests help. This not only applies to psychiatric treatments and professional counselling, but also, shockingly, to informal and small group counselling, 12-step programs, pastoral and spiritual assistance, and even prayer. The Holy Bible itself – or at least portions of it – may well fall victim to this ban, since Scripture encourages LGBT practitioners to “be converted”.

Our freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, along with LGBT individuals’ freedom to change, are all at grave risk.

Mr. Gajdics explains: “lawmakers now need to clarify that ‘conversion’ or ‘reparative’ attempts typically occur under the guise of help, a distinct part of what makes today’s so-called conversion therapy so covert — and deadly.” (Emphasis added).

What a ridiculous statement! In other words, “conversion therapy” includes merely helping people who want help – and this is “deadly”?!

Mr. Gajdics goes on to insist: “Any amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada in an effort to end conversion therapy should make the act itself an indictable offence, regardless of material benefit or in the absence of advertising. And the ban should not be restricted to minors. Finally, all faith organizations known to practice these anti-LGBTQ treatments should be stripped of their charitable status.”

This echoes the words of Dr. Kristopher Wells, an LGBT government advisor. After attending a round-table discussion with Minister of Justice David Lametti, Dr. Wells commented: “The federal government also spoke about the possibility of revoking charitable status...For example, churches [and] faith communities that continue to use or promote conversion therapy. I think all of these tools are really important... The ultimate goal is to ensure that conversion therapy is put into the Criminal Code of Canada, so no matter where you practise it, and if you are practising it, whether that’s in a basement or in a church, you’re going to go to jail because of this.”

Interestingly, many of these same LGBT advocates, who like to misrepresent “conversion therapy” as abuse, are quick to defend practices that constitute real abuse – practices such as mutilating “sex change” surgeries and dangerous artificial hormone treatments. Apparently, it is OK to amputate healthy body parts in order to “affirm” a transgender’s delusion, but it is NOT OK to help a transgender accept the body that God gave him! This short video from the Colson Centre highlights the obvious contradiction:

We need to clear the air of all the LGBT hype and help our political leaders understand what’s really at stake if this ban goes through: Some of our most basic freedoms will be lost! That’s why we are asking for your help.

We are asking you to send an Action Alert Email to our political leaders in the Senate on Bill S-202. These messages are pre-written, and they contain our key arguments opposing the “conversion therapy” ban. You can change and personalize these messages if you like, or just send them as-is with a click of the mouse. It’s that easy!

Thank you for your help as we stand on guard for our country, our freedoms, and our faith – standing opposed to Bill S-202.

God Bless.

David Cooke

David Cooke
National Campaigns Manager
Campaign Life Coalition

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