Derek Sloan Record

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Derek Sloan with an "A+" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  




Opposes all abortions. Believes in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, no exceptions. Outspoken and unapologetic on pro-life issues.


Opposes euthanasia.

Will "extend the official review" of Trudeau's euthanasia law to "ensure the strongest safeguards for the most vulnerable". Will repeal Bill C-7 (euthanasia expansion), if Trudeau makes it law. Will commit $10 billion over 10-years to fund palliative care, as a means to decrease euthanasia requests.

Conscience rights

Will introduce legislation to protect health care workers and health care facilities from being compelled to perform or refer for euthanasia or abortion. Provinces that fail to ensure freedom of conscience will be punished by a claw back in federal equalization payments.

Willing to re-open abortion debate?

YES, and will encourage parliamentary debates and votes on abortion and abortion-related issues.

Free Votes / Party Democracy

Will not interfere with the democratic right of Conservative MPs to bring forward private members business on issues of conscience like euthanasia and abortion. Will also encourage MPs to bring forward pro-life bills.


Enact government legislation, regulations or actions to protect unborn children?

YES, including the following:

1. As CPC Leader, will support grassroots efforts to delete the existing, pro-abortion clause in the CPC policy declaration, no. 70, which states: "A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion".

2. Unborn Victims of Violence Act, legislation that would provide legal recognition for an unborn child who is injured or killed as a result of an assault upon his/her pregnant mother and would account for this factor in criminal charges.

3. Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation requiring medical staff to provide life-saving neo-natal care to all infants born alive, including those who survive botched abortions.

4. Partial-birth Abortion Ban, legislation to outlaw the barbaric practice of partially-delivering the baby, and then killing it from outside the womb. 

5. Restore free speech for pro-life Canadians by (a) Eradicating the "censorship zones" that have been erected by some provinces, on public property, near abortion facilities, thus defending the right to protest; and (b) Ensuring the pro-life student clubs can operate without hindrance on university/college campuses. Provinces that don't protect free speech in these areas will be punished by clawing back their equalization payments.

6. Informed Consent Ultrasound law, requiring abortion facilities to show pregnant women an ultrasound of their baby, before proceeding with an abortion, so women get full disclosure.

7. Cancel all federal funding of overseas abortions with Canadian tax dollars.

8. Sex-selective abortion ban, legislation to prohibit abortions based on sex of the child.

9. Encourage adoption by raising the existing adoption expense tax credit to 22.5% and providing 15-weeks maternity leave to adoptive families.

March in Gay Pride Parade? NO - and never will  

Transgender ideology Bill C-16 which invented a so-called "right" to Gender Identity and Gender Expression



Has he publicly pledged to repeal gender identity Bill C-16 if he becomes Prime Minister?


"Conversion Therapy" ban, Bill C-8


Has he publicly pledged to repeal 'Conversion Therapy' Bill C-8?


Willing to ban sex changes for children under 18?

YES - and has pledged to introduce such a child protection law if he becomes Prime Minister.


Will raise the age, nation-wide, to a mandatory minimum of 25 years. This is the age which science shows a young brain is fully developed and less likely to be harmed by marijuana use.

Other notable factors

Sloan has done an excellent job of carrying the social conservative banner in this leadership race. He has defended and articulated the pro-life, pro-family and pro-parental rights position without fear.... and without apology.  

Sloan courageously went on national television to defend his fellow social conservative Leadership candidate, Richard Decarie, against calls from the media and red Tory establishment elites for Decarie to be disqualified from the race over his pro-traditional marriage stance.  In doing so, Sloan challenged the unscientific myth that homosexuals are "born that way", pointing out that the actual body of scientific research in this area does not make that claim, and that the causes of homosexuality are "scientifically unclear". Sloan was endorsed by Decarie after the latter was unfairly disqualified by the party establishment.

Derek Sloan is also the only Leadership candidate thus far who has promised to pass a child protection law banning sex-change procedures in Canada for children under the age of 18.

Prior to becoming an MP, Sloan worked as a lawyer in the Trinity Western University case, defending the Christian private school's right to govern itself according to its deeply-held religious beliefs.

Watch interview:
(from National March For Life broadcast, May 14, 2020)

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to rank Derek Sloan and/or Leslyn Lewis at the top of ballot, in the #1 and/or #2 ballot positions, in whatever order you prefer.


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