Erin OToole record 2020

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Erin O'Toole with an "F" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  




Supports abortion. Believes that killing children in-utero is a "right".


Opposes euthanasia. Has consistently voted against this form of homicide, and written about the slippery slope inherent in legalization.

Conscience rights

Made a generic promise to "champion" conscience rights for healthcare professionals, with respect to euthanasia. However, he has provided no detail as to what exactly "to champion" means. For instance, he:

►has not explicitly said he would introduce government legislation to enshrine conscience rights for healthcare workers in law;
►has not explicitly said whether it would apply to healthcare institutions like Catholic hospitals or palliative care hospices, or whether it would only apply to individuals;
►has not said if his conscience protection effort would extend beyond euthanasia, to also cover abortions;
►has not said if this protection of conscience rights would also prevent medical professionals from being forced to provide patients an "effective referral" to another doctor who is willing to commit the euthanasia (or abortion).


Willing to re-open abortion debate?

NO. During the past Leadership race in 2017, O'Toole told reporters that he would never re-open the abortion debate. 

Free votes / Party Democracy

O'Toole said that he would not interfere with private members bills related to abortion, and that he would allow both his Cabinet and backbenchers to vote their conscience on such issues.

However, his commitment to honouring free speech and democratic rights for MPs has been brought into doubt by the fact that his Leadership Campaign engaged in the same type of anti-democratic, "cancel culture" behaviour that we've witnessed from past Conservative Leaders who clamped down on backbench MPs' democratic and free speech rights. When Jim Karahalios, one of his competitors in the Leadership race, criticized O'Toole's Campaign Manager for having publicly defended Sharia Law Financing, the O'Toole Campaign filed a complaint with the party asking for his competitor's disqualification from the race, and falsely accusing Karahalios of "racism". And the O'Toole Campaign's request was granted. As much as CLC would like to believe O'Toole's words that he would not interfere with the democratic rights of MPs, his actions give us pause.


Enact government legislation, regulations or actions to protect unborn children?


March in Gay Pride Parade? Said he plans to march in homosexual pride parades in the near future. In the past, he praised other Conservative MPs for marching in these sex parades.

Transgender ideology Bill C-16 which invented a so-called "right" to "gender identity" and "gender expression"

O'Toole supports transgender ideology and the unscientific theory of Gender Identity. In  2013, he was one of only 17 Conservative-majority MPs who broke ranks with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's principled stand against the NDP's transsexual "Bathroom Bill", by voting in favour of enshrining transgender ideology in the Canadian Human Rights Code.

Has he publicly pledged to repeal gender identity Bill C-16 if he becomes Prime Minister?

NO  (See explanation above).

"Conversion Therapy" ban, Bill C-8

O’Toole tweeted his support for Trudeau’s plan to criminalize pastoral counselling and clinical therapy for unwanted gender confusion and same-sex attraction. This “conversion therapy” ban will also put parents in jail for up to 5 years if they are caught discouraging their son or daughter from undergoing a sex change and/or taking puberty-blockers or cross-sex hormones.

Has he publicly pledged to repeal 'conversion therapy' Bill C-8?

NO  (See explanation above).

Willing to ban sex changes for children under age 18?


Based on his history of support for LGBT ideology, and in the absence of a public statement to the contrary.

Marijuana Supports decriminalization of this dangerous and highly addictive gateway drug to harder narcotics like cocaine, heroine and crack.

Other notable factors

Pledged to defund and privatize the CBC, with the exception of the french-language operations. This would be helpful to social conservatives because the CBC is heavily biased in favour of abortion and against traditional family values, routinely engaging in propaganda, distortion, and censorship in order to push a leftist, anti-life agenda.

O'Toole has tried to position himself as being more open to pro-life, pro-family members of the party than his perceived main opponent, Peter MacKay. He frequently says that he welcomes social conservatives and wants them in the party. However, O'Toole was one of the progressives in the party who criticized Richard Decarie for expressing his traditional beliefs about marriage and homosexuality, and piled on with the journalists who were demanding that Decarie be disqualified from the Leadership race.

On a more positive note, the media reported that when CPC caucus met to discuss possible expulsion of their pro-life colleague, MP Derek Sloan, over his comments about Theresa Tam's bungling of the Wuhan virus pandemic, O'Toole was the only MP who defended Sloan. Some political observers suggested that O'Toole's defense of Sloan was not altruistic, but rather, a strategic political move driven by self-interest, to keep Sloan in the Leadership race in the hope that O'Toole might receive the lion's share of his down ballot support.

O'Toole also frequently boasts of his support for the homosexual and transgender agenda, and speaks of these social innovations, along with abortion, as "modern analogous rights" that "should not be taken away".



Watch media scrum:
(from French Leadership Debate broadcast, June 17, 2020)

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to not rank Erin O'Toole on their ballot, at all. As a pro-abortion politician, he does not deserve the support of party members who value the sanctity of human life. Please rank only Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis at the top of the ballot, in the #1 and/or #2 positions, in whatever order you prefer. Leave the #3 and #4 positions blank.



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