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The anti-life forces are back at the UN, but they are not alone

The anti-life forces are back at the UN for the Forty-Seventh Commission on Population and Development, promoting their radical agenda of sexual and reproductive health rights, which include pushing for abortion as a human right. Luckily they are not alone as Campaign Life Coalition, along with other pro-life, pro-family groups have also returned to add an alternative voice to the debate and to make sure that the real issues do not get hijacked by the abortion agenda.

Campaign Life Coalition has had an active presence at the UN for twenty years. At the behest of Pope John Paul II, CLC participated and affected change at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994.  Within these twenty years, CLC, along with like-minded groups, has participated in dozens of UN conferences and has prevented abortion from being declared a human right. This is no easy task when you're up against well-funded groups like International Planned Parenthood Federation and Amnesty International.

It's only the first day and our representatives have already witnessed firsthand the abortion-obsessed groups who are pushing for radical sexual and reproductive health rights, which are flowery terms for abortion-on-demand. Speech after speech, side event after side event, the ongoing theme is the same: Abortion, Abortion, Abortion.

In an effort to educate the public, the CLC team here at the UN put together a short video blog recapping the activities from Day 1.

It’s going to be a very long week. 


Watch Video Blog Here