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Internal emails re-ignite concern about pedophilic influence on controversial sex-ed

Toronto, Mar. 11, 2015 –   Internal emails obtained via a freedom of information request and written about in the Toronto Sun by Joe Warmington prove that child pornographer Ben Levin was still working closely with the government, just weeks prior to his arrest. Even after Levin’s departure from government in 2009, he was asked by the Deputy Education Minister to provide input on confidential education plans, before the Education Minister even had a chance to sign off on them. Premier Wynne has denied that Levin was ever involved in developing the sex-ed program, but this correspondence suggests otherwise. A Nov. 18, 2012 email from Deputy Education Minister Zegarac to Levin suggests the latter played a key role in the “Health” curriculum.

“The emails are evidence that Kathleen Wynne’s government has been misleading the public about the confessed child pornographer’s influence at the Education Ministry.” said Mary Ellen Douglas, Campaign Life Coalition’s Ontario President. “The fact that the current Deputy Minister was so reliant on Levin’s guidance, even after he no longer worked there, proves he was no token bureaucrat at the time that the 2010 sex-ed curriculum was written. Levin, therefore, would have been the person who shaped policy and set direction and tone.”

“The internal emails show that parents cannot trust Wynne and Sandals’ oft-repeated claim that Levin was never involved in the development of the sex-ed curriculum.” said Jack Fonseca, spokesperson for Campaign Life Coalition.  “Ben Levin, a convicted pedophile was obviously deeply involved in this age-inappropriate curriculum. The question of grooming innocent children to become sexually available is a legitimate and necessary one.”

Graphic evidence from Levin's conviction at a Toronto court is available here, and describes his advice to an undercover officer "on how to groom" a child.  Campaign Life Coalition urges parents to pressure Premier Wynne to do the right thing and drop the curriculum. The Liberals must start over with a genuine parental consultation so that, in the words of Dalton McGuinty, “parents can lend shape to a curriculum with which they are comfortable”.  The next parental protest, organized by concerned Ontario parents and other citizens, is scheduled for April 14.  CLC is not an organizer but is pleased to help promote it.


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