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Campaign Life Coalition responds to Harper’s position that he will not move to protect children in the womb even if he has a majority government

TORONTO, ON, Jan. 19 - In a media interview on January 18, 2011, Prime Minister Stephen Harper re-iterated his position that he “would not move to bring in a new law if the Conservatives win a majority.” He further states that his MPs are “all over the map” on the issue and that he is “not interested in having a debate over abortion laws.”

“We have been telling people since the beginning that Harper is pro-abortion and has no intention of changing his mind even if he ever does achieve a majority” said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). Harper stated that we need “to change hearts and not laws”. “Laws do not change hearts but they restrain the heartless” said Mr. Hughes quoting Martin Luther King. “Harper could care less that 100,000 babies a year have died every year since he took office. Canadians need to let him and all the other party leaders know that they are appalled by party leaders that want so badly to run the country and are so terrified to protect the most defenseless.”

“It is time for the members of the Conservative caucus and all MPs to stand up to their leader and demand action for the unborn. Canada prides itself on being so compassionate yet they callously ignore the ‘silent scream’ of those they are mandated to protect,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC National Organizer.

Campaign Life Coalition urges people to contact their own MP and particularly Prime Minister Harper to disapprove of their silence on the issue.

Media Contacts;
Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC National Organizer, Kingston 613-389-4472
Jeff Gunnarson, CLC Toronto, 416-204-9749