Leslyn Lewis Record

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Leslyn Lewis with an "A" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  




Opposes all abortions. Believes in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, no exceptions. Outspoken and unapologetic on pro-life issues.


Opposes euthanasia.

Will repeal Bill C-7 (euthanasia expansion), if Trudeau makes it law. Will invest in expanding palliative care services so as to reduce euthanasia requests.

Conscience rights

Supports legislation to protect health care workers from being compelled to perform or refer for euthanasia or abortion.

Willing to re-open abortion debate?

YES, and will allow private members bills on abortion and abortion-related issues.

Free Votes / Party Democracy

Will not interfere with the democratic right of Conservative MPs to bring forward private members business on issues of conscience like euthanasia and abortion.

Lewis came to the defense of both Richard Decarie and Jim Karahalios when they were unethically disqualified from the Leadership race, thus showing her commitment to free speech and to internal party democracy.

Enact government legislation, regulations or actions to protect unborn children?

YES, including the following:

1. Sex-Selective Abortion Ban, legislation making it illegal to abort an unborn child for the sole purpose that the parents prefer a different sex, whether female or male. 

2. Law to protect pregnant women from Coerced Abortions, would be introduced by a Leslyn Lewis government.

3. Increase federal government support for pregnancy care centres.

4. End Canandian taxpayer funding for international abortions.

March in Gay Pride Parade? NO - and never will

Transgender ideology Bill C-16 which invented a so-called "right" to Gender Identity and Gender Expression



Has she publicly pledged to repeal gender identity Bill C-16 if she becomes Prime Minister?


"Conversion therapy" ban, Bill C-8


Has she publicly pledged to repeal 'conversion therapy' Bill C-8?


Willing to ban sex changes for children under age 18?

No policy position has been announced, thus far.



No policy position has been announced, thus far.


Other notable factors

Lewis has done a terrific job of defending pro-life and pro-family values in this leadership race. She has effectively and persuasively defended her positions on abortion and against the Liberal "conversion therapy" ban during media interviews.

She has also expressed support for preserving our laws against prostitution, something that's important because the Liberals and NDP want to fully legalize the buying and selling of women for sex, and try to sanitize it by referring to it as "sex work".

Watch interview:
(from National March For Life broadcast, May 14, 2020)

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to rank Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan at the top of the ballot, in the #1 and/or #2 ballot positions, in whatever order you prefer.


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