Peter MacKay record

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Peter MacKay with an "F" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  




Supports abortion. Believes that killing children in-utero is a "right".


His current position on euthanasia is unclear. As an MP, he once voted in favour legalization (1998) and then against it (2010). His campaign website states that, "The Supreme Court has ruled that (assisted) dying is a right" (emphasis added), and later alludes to showing "respect" for that decision. This suggests his current belief may be that demanding doctors kill their patients is a genuine, constitutional "right". It is not.


Conscience rights

Promised to "respect conscience rights" for medical professionals, to "not have to assist in ending life". Good.

However, he has provided little detail as to what exactly "assist" means. Does it only mean the act of lethally injecting the patient or providing the poison for the patient to ingest himself? Or does it also include providing an "effective referral" to another doctor who is willing to end the patient's life? A robust conscience rights policy must include protection from having to refer for euthanasia.

Another problem with MacKay's conscience rights policy is that it does not seem to apply to abortion. It only speaks of conscience rights for healthcare workers regarding euthanasia. It would seem therefore, that MacKay is not planning to fight for conscience rights on abortion.


Willing to re-open abortion debate?

NO. He supports abortion.

Free votes / Party Democracy

MacKay said that he would allow private members bills related to abortion. However, he also said that he would force MPs who are Cabinet Ministers to vote in favour of abortion, even if those MPs happen to be pro-life.

It has been suggested by the media that the efforts to expel from caucus his pro-life/pro-family Leadership opponent, MP Derek Sloan, were organized by the MacKay Campaign. If true, it causes one to doubt whether even his promise to allow back-bench MPs to bring forward and discuss matters of conscience that are important to them or their constituents can be trusted.


Enact government legislation, regulations or actions to protect unborn children?

NO. He supports abortion.

March in Gay Pride Parade? Told reporters he intends to march in the homosexual pride parade.

Transgender ideology Bill C-16 which invented a so-called "right" to Gender Identity and Gender Expression

MacKay said he supports Bill C-16 and would have voted for it had he been an MP in the last parliament.

Has he publicly pledged to repeal gender identity Bill C-16 if he becomes Prime Minister?

NO  (See explanation above).

"Conversion therapy" ban, Bill C-8

MacKay told the Huffington Post that he supports criminalizing spiritual counselling and clinical therapy for people with unwanted gender identity confusion and same-sex attraction. This law, proposed by the Trudeau Liberals, will also put parents in jail for up to 5 years if they are caught discouraging their son or daughter from undergoing a sex change and/or taking puberty-blockers or cross-sex hormones.

Has he publicly pledged to repeal 'conversion therapy' Bill C-8?

NO (See explanation above).

Willing to ban sex changes for children under age 18?


MacKay supports child sex changes. In fact, he criticized his opponent, Derek Sloan, for pledging to come to the aid of parents who are being threatened with up to 5 years in jail, under Bill C-8, if they dare to discourage their under age son or daughter from going down the irreversible road of sex change mutilation surgery.

Marijuana Opposes legalization of this dangerous gateway drug, and as recently as February 25th, warned of marijuana's negative "impact on young people, the mental health implications, the impaired driving implications".

Other notable factors

MacKay infamously denigrated all social conservatives by referring to Andrew Scheer's past beliefs on abortion and traditional marriage, inspired by the latter's Catholic faith, as "a stinking albatross". 

MacKay piled on with the media's demands that Richard Decarie must be disqualified. Decarie was the heroic, socially conservative Leadership hopeful who was disqualified for daring to publicly express his traditional Christian beliefs on marriage and human sexuality. 

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to not rank Peter MacKay on their ballot, at all. As a pro-abortion politician, he does not deserve the support of party members who value the sanctity of human life. Please rank only Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis at the top of the ballot, in the #1 and/or #2 positions, in whatever order you prefer. Leave the #3 and #4 positions blank.


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