Presidents Message

B.C. judge legalizes assisted suicide

Date: June 15, 2012



In this President's Message video, Jim Hughes responds to the horrible decision handed down today by B.C. Supreme Court Judge, Lyn Smith.  She legalized the forms of homicide known as euthanasia and assisted suicide by declaring our criminal code prohibitions as 'unconstitutional'. She claimed to be only permitting themin so-called "limited cases".


Hughes calls upon all Canadians to contact the Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and demand that they take the following actions:


# 1) Immediately appeal this lower court decision in order to retain our laws against these forms of homicide; and


# 2) Make a public declaration that the Canadian government will use the "activist-judge override provision" of the Charter (a.k.a. Section 33), which allows parliament to overrule judicial activists who usurp the role of parliament,  by legislating from the bench. The government needs to send the higher court the message that it will not accept such a ruling which puts all Canadians at risk.


To sign a petition that CLC will deliver to the Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada, click here. The petition ask Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to appeal this terrible ruling to a higher court and to make a public declaration about invoking the 'Activist-Judge Override Provision' in the Charter.

In the meantime, please inform yourself more about what's at stake. The following video proves why the same slipperly slope experienced by the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries will occur in Canada if we legalize euthanasia or physician-assisted death for any reason whatsoever. It will be impossible to hold back the culture of death.

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