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Campaign Life Coalition says Premier’s resignation is his best decision in 9 years


Toronto, Oct. 16, 2012 - The political arm of the pro-life movement in Canada is pleased with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s resignation. His sudden announcement is a relief to many Ontarians, particularly Catholic voters.

“Thank God”, was Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition’s comment on hearing the news. “Pro-lifers will be pleased, authentic Catholics will be counting their blessings and tax payers will find themselves breathing easier,” added Hughes.

The Premier once claimed to be pro-life.  In a CLC questionnaire leading into the 1995 provincial election, McGuinty said he believed “life begins at conception,” and he pledged to support measures designed to ensure women can make informed choices about abortion. However, as Premier he abandoned those convictions with a vengeance, becoming a staunch supporter of abortion on demand.

More recently, by passing Bill 13 (The Accepting School’s Act), he forced all schools, even the Catholic Schools, to allow openly homosexual student clubs as well as a radical LGBT curriculum, violating their religious beliefs. In 2012 his government also secretly passed a law to hide abortion statistics from the public, even under access to information request.

“McGuinty was out of touch with the people. We hope that the life and family supporters in the caucus will seek the leadership of the party,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President of Campaign Life coalition. “After his disastrous tenure as Ontario Premier we hope he does not turn his attention now to the federal scene.

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