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Campaign Life Coalition prays for Morgentaler

Toronto, May, 29, 2013 - Campaign Life Coalition is sorry to hear of the death of Henry Morgentaler. Even though he was the leading abortionist in Canada, we have been praying for the man and hoping that he would turn away from the practice of killing unborn children before this hour came, just as others such as Dr. Bernard Nathanson (founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League in the US) did.

“I have been praying for him daily for more than 20 years,” said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “With that said, Morgentaler has been a highly divisive figure, training abortionists in his methods of killing, doing unbelievable damage to the future of this country and as a result, millions of Canadians have been aborted.” 

Morgentaler showed signs of moving away from his earlier strident position in this issue when in 2004 he decried late-term abortions saying, "We don't abort babies, we want to abort fetuses before they become babies. Around 24 weeks I have ethical problems doing that.” Even in the case of severe fetal defects or teenage pregnancies, Morgentaler said that his clinics "usually counsel the woman to continue the pregnancy and put it up for adoption if she is unable to care for it."

“This is the end of an era and we hope that our country can now turn a necessary corner and find the courage to restore protection to all human beings, born and pre-born,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer of Campaign Life Coalition. “As we wish for both ally and adversary, may God have mercy on his soul.”

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