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National anti-abortion youth organizations launch graphic postcard campaign targeting New Brunswick Liberal Leader Brian Gallant

Fredericton, Sept. 15, 2014 – Campaign Life Coalition Youth (CLCY) and the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) are today launching a graphic postcard campaign targeting Liberal Leader Brian Gallant (Shediac Bay-Dieppe), exposing his extreme pro-abortion campaign promises leading up to the election. These postcards, which show images of abortion victims alongside an image of Brian Gallant, will warn voters across the province that a vote for Brian Gallant and the Liberals is a vote for more abortions.

“Gallant is ignoring 73% of the population who do not support the public funding of abortion on demand, many of whom do not support abortion at all, said Alissa Golob, Youth Coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition. “The fact that he’s campaigning on making the killing of pre-born children more accessible in the province needs to be addressed, and these postcards will do just that”.

Gallant has stated on numerous occasions that if the Liberal party forms government they will “swiftly act to find all barriers to abortion and eliminate them”. Gallant has also gone so far as to claim that only pro-choice candidates can run for his party by stating that “Any candidate that will respect that position and that will support that position can run for us.”

“Our goal is to raise awareness about the fact that abortion is a human rights violation that decapitates, dismembers and disembowels the body of a child – the most vulnerable and youngest of our kind,” said Alex Vande Bruinhorst, spokesperson for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. “If Brian Gallant and the Liberal party remove all barriers to abortion in New Brunswick, it will lead to tax payer funded abortion that is unrestricted.”

CLCYouth and CCBR urge all voters in New Brunswick to vote against Brian Gallant and his Liberals, and vote only for pro-life candidates.

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