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PEI Premier MacLauchlan caves to pressure, supports the killing of preborn children with Island tax dollars in Moncton Hospital

Charlottetown, June 2, 2015 – Campaign Life Coalition strongly opposes Prince Edward Island Premier Wade MacLauchlan’s announcement to fund abortion on the tax-payer dime to those traveling to Moncton for abortions, as well as eliminating the process of obtaining a doctor referral, blood work and an ultrasound.

“Premier MacLauchlan and the Liberal party of PEI have caved under pressure from a very loud minority of abortion activists who want Islanders to pay for their abortions” said Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition. “This decision will not go unopposed by islanders and will only serve to more strongly mobilize opposition to abortion in Prince Edward Island.”

“We urge the Premier to ensure that all information is given to women about abortion, including the negative health effects such as the potential for infertility/sterility, perforation of the uterus and hemorrhaging to name a few”, said Christina Alaimo, Coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition Youth. “The risk of these negative side effects to women does nothing to further women’s health nor fiscal responsibility of tax-payer dollars.”

Campaign Life Coalition calls upon the Premier to put women and children first by defunding this medically unnecessary procedure from the Prince Edward Island Insurance Plan and continue to ensure that there will be no further expansion of abortion access on the Island.

“If abortion advocates are correct in stating that abortion is an individual’s personal choice, why are tax-payers expected to pay for it?” added Alaimo.

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