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Abortion advocates in PEI disregard provincial jurisdiction in new lawsuit attempting to force province to provide abortions

Charlottetown, January 6th, 2016 - Abortion advocacy group – Abortion Access Now PEI Inc. – is attempting to sue the Prince Edward Island government for “violating women’s rights based on a moral choice they have no right to make”, according to a press release issued yesterday. Despite the fact this attempt was already made by notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler in 1996, the group decried that the government is “compromising women’s human rights”.

“These abortion advocates are attempting to thwart provincial jurisdiction by asking the courts to force the province to provide abortions purely because of their brand of morality that sees abortion as socially desirable” said Alissa Golob, CLC spokesperson. “Abortion is not a disease or illness, and is not a medical necessity. Therefore this lawsuit has no merit and the Prince Edward Island government has every right not to provide abortion”.

“It’s detrimental to the province that a minority of activists are trying to force the government to acquiesce to their agenda, while access to life-affirming health care is still an issue” said Sarah MacDonald, provincial coordinator for CLC Youth PEI. “There is a great need in our province for medically necessary services, such as trauma care, cancer treatment, surgical care and more. Why aren’t these activists suing the government to increase access to these services?”

Campaign Life Coalition urges the government to keep the island a safe space by keeping it abortion-free.

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