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Anti sex-ed vote carries PC Candidate Raymond Cho, in spite of leader’s embarrassing public gaffe

Toronto, ON, September 1, 2016 - Tonight’s byelection victory for PC Candidate Raymond Cho was a clear condemnation of Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum. Cho benefited from thousands of letters distributed to new Canadian voters who overwhelmingly oppose the explicit, age-inappropriate sex-ed curriculum. He won with close to 40% of the vote. The Liberals came in second, the NDP in third, and Queenie Yu, the independent candidate running on an anti-Wynne sex-ed platform performed remarkably well for an unknown Independent, winning 2.32% of the vote, and even beating out the well-established Green Party for fourth place.

“It is our belief that the new Canadians who voted in Scarborough-Rouge River were under the impression that they were voting for a candidate whose leader was going to “scrap” the curriculum, as promised in the letter signed by Patrick Brown and distributed to 13,000 homes,” said Jeff Gunnarson, Vice-President, Campaign Life Coalition. “How many voters in this riding do not follow English-language news and were largely unaware that Patrick Brown flip-flopped, putting himself firmly against their rights as primary educators of their children? The fact that the virtually unknown Queenie Yu, who ran on a platform of repealing the curriculum, received far more votes than the well-known Green Party candidate, is further evidence for our belief that the anti sex-ed vote carried Mr. Cho.”

“The PC caucus, as well as rank and file party members need to think about what it means for the party’s fortunes moving ahead, that with Patrick Brown’s humiliating sex-ed reversal, he has just thrown away the very weapon that succeeded in prying this GTA riding away from Liberal hands,” said Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition. “All they have left now is a party leader who voters, in general, now know is a two-faced politician that cannot be trusted. PC members should start talking about a leadership review to replace the no-credibility Patrick Brown with someone who will respect parental rights and proudly take on this winning issue of repealing the Liberal sex-ed curriculum”.

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