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CLC calls upon Ottawa to end ‘colonial’ practice of funding overseas abortion

Toronto, Jan 25, 2017 – Campaign Life Coalition cautions Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government to stop exporting his ‘values’ abroad, and to join our American neighbours in putting an end to abortion funding in the developing world. 

“Our Prime Minister needs to realize that Canadians are deeply divided on abortion but quite united on taxpayer-funded abortion: They oppose it in great numbers. They would oppose spending their hard earned money on it elsewhere too if asked,” said CLC government relations officer Johanne Brownrigg. “There is no moral imperative to fund abortion abroad in particular to ‘fill the gap’ created by President Trump’s implementing the Mexico City Policy. The funding and promotion of abortion by North America and Europe is viewed as a new form of colonialism by many African nations.”

Campaign Life Coalition joins CPC Leadership Candidate Brad Trost in urging the government to focus on meeting the genuine healthcare needs of women and children rather than funding abortion, a procedure that divides Canadians.

CLC hopes that Prime Minister Trudeau would not use more precious taxpayer dollars to satisfy the agenda of a few radical pro-abortion activists. CLC also calls upon the official opposition to stand up against abortion funding as they did when they were the government, unless of course, they too, stand with Trudeau.

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