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Ontario MPPs pass anti-free speech bubble zones

Toronto, Oct 25, 2017 – Campaign Life Coalition condemns members of the Ontario Legislature for passing Bill 163, An Act to enact the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017 by an 86-1 vote. Campaign Life Coalition will pursue, if necessary, a challenge through the legal system to overturn this totalitarian law which directly attacks the freedom of speech, expression and assembly of Ontarians, and prevents pregnant women from having access to alternatives to abortion.

“This law, which was drafted by Planned Parenthood and their allies in the abortion business, using feeling-based anecdotes and hearsays, lacked any real evidence that backed their claims of the war-like atmosphere outside abortion facilities,” said Jim Hughes, national president of Campaign Life Coalition. “This law is the first step in silencing and criminalizing speech that is not the official opinion of the state. The whole process of fast-tracking this bill, and slandering pro-life people throughout, was a shame.”

“This law proves that the Wynne government and the fake opposition is kowtowing to Planned Parenthood,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President, Campaign Life Coalition. “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women and now this law will prevent women from receiving help and support from people who care deeply about the best outcome for both mother and child, something Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about.”

Leading up to this bill, Campaign Life Coalition attended consultations with the Attorney General, presented at the committee hearing, and delivered thousands of signed petitions against Bill 163. During third reading, MPP Yasir Naqvi suggested that all 17 speakers at committee hearings “confirmed for us that we struck the right balance." In fact, almost half of the speakers opposed this bill entirely. Additionally, during the same reading, MPP Lisa Maclead defamed pro-life people, claiming that they just want to harass vulnerable women.

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Campaign Life Coalition is a national, non-profit organization involved in political action and advocacy for legal and cultural change in Canada with respect to protecting human life and the family. It is non-partisan and encourages voting based on principles, not party. For more information visit

Media Contacts:
Jeff Gunnarson, Vice-President, Campaign Life Coalition 416-204-9749 ext 249
Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President, 613-329-1488
Johanne Brownrigg, Campaign Life Coalition , 613-857-0236



AYES  (those who voted to suppress free speech, freedom of peaceful assembly and the right to protest)

Albanese, Laura (LIB)

Anderson, Granville  (LIB)

Armstrong, Teresa J. (NDP)

Arnott, Ted  (PC)

Bailey, Robert  (PC)

Baker, Yvan  (LIB)

Ballard, Chris  (LIB)

Barrett, Toby  (PC)

Berardinetti, Lorenzo  (LIB)

Brown, Patrick  (PC)

Chan, Michael  (LIB)

Chiarelli, Bob  (LIB)

Cho, Raymond Sung Joon  (PC)

Clark, Steve  (PC)

Coe, Lorne  (PC)

Colle, Mike  (LIB)

Coteau, Michael  (LIB)

Crack, Grant  (LIB)

Damerla, Dipika  (LIB)

Del Duca, Steven  (LIB)

Delaney, Bob (LIB)

Des Rosiers, Nathalie (LIB)

Dhillon, Vic  (LIB)

DiNovo, Cheri  (NDP)

Dong, Han  (LIB)

Duguid, Brad  (LIB)

Fedeli, Victor  (PC)

Fife, Catherine  (NDP)

Flynn, Kevin Daniel  (LIB)

Forster, Cindy  (NDP)

French, Jennifer K.  (NDP)

Gélinas, France  (NDP)

Gretzky, Lisa  (NDP)

Hardeman, Ernie  (PC)

Harris, Michael  (PC)

Hatfield, Percy  (NDP)

Hoggarth, Ann  (NDP)

Hoskins, Eric  (LIB)

Hunter, Mitzie  (LIB)

Jaczek, Helena  (LIB)

Jones, Sylvia  (PC)

Kiwala, Sophie  (LIB)

Lalonde, Marie-France  (LIB)

Leal, Jeff  (LIB)

MacCharles, Tracy  (LIB)

MacLeod, Lisa  (PC)

Malhi, Harinder  (LIB)

Mangat, Amrit  (LIB)

Mantha, Michael  (NDP)

Martins, Cristina  (LIB)

Martow, Gila  (PC)

Matthews, Deborah  (LIB)

Mauro, Bill  (LIB)

McGarry, Kathryn  (LIB)

McMahon, Eleanor  (LIB)

Milczyn, Peter  (LIB)

Miller, Norm  (PC)

Miller, Paul  (NDP)

Moridi, Reza  (LIB)

Munro, Julia  (PC)

Naidoo-Harris, Indira  (LIB)

Naqvi, Yasir  (LIB)

Natyshak, Taras  (NDP)

Pettapiece, Randy  (PC)

Potts, Arthur  (LIB)

Qaadri, Shafiq  (LIB)

Rinaldi, Lou  (LIB)

Romano, Ross  (PC)

Sandals, Liz  (LIB)

Sattler, Peggy  (NDP)

Scott, Laurie  (PC)

Smith, Todd  (PC)

Sousa, Charles  (LIB)

Tabuns, Peter  (NDP)

Takhar, Harinder  (LIB)

Taylor, Monique  (NDP)

Thibeault, Glenn  (LIB)

Thompson, Lisa  (PC)

Vanthof, John  (NDP)

Vernile, Daiene  (LIB)

Walker, Bill  (PC)

Wilson, Jim  (PC)

Wong, Soo  (LIB)

Wynne, Kathleen  (LIB)

Yakabuski, John  (PC)

Zimmer, David  (LIB)

NAYS (those who voted against the suppression of free speech and constitutional rights)

MacLaren, Jack  (Trillium)




Bisson, Gilles  (NDP)

Bradley, James  (LIB)

Campbell, Sarah (NDP)

Dickson, Joe  (LIB)

Fraser, John  (LIB)

Gates, Wayne  (NDP)

Gravelle, Michael  (LIB)

Hillier, Randy  (PC)

Horwath, Andrea  (NDP)

Kwinter, Monte  (LIB)

Levac, Dave  (LIB)

McDonell, Jim  (PC)

McMeekin, Ted  (LIB)

McNaughton, Monte  (PC)

Nicholls, Rick  (PC)

Oosterhoff, Sam  (PC)

Sergio, Mario  (LIB)

Yurek, Jeff  (PC)