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Social conservatives score big policy wins at Conservative Party convention

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Halifax, August 25, 2018 – Campaign Life Coalition is celebrating a policy convention which it says “represents big strides forward in advancing the pro-life, pro-family agenda within the Conservative Party”.  At the final plenary vote on Saturday, up to 2,000 Conservative party members voted to adopt a total of eight socially conservative policy resolutions. Those included:                                                                                  

  • banning abortion from the government’s Maternal & Child Health aid programs
  • legislation to guarantee neo-natal care for babies who are born alive, such as those who survive botched abortions
  • condemning compelled speech, such as that imposed by transgender ideology Bill C-16
  • opposing the expansion of euthanasia to minors and persons with psychological suffering

Other policies included a National Palliative Care strategy that would exclude euthanasia, a free speech policy, and more.  The top prize that Campaign Life hoped to win was deleting Article 65 which says that a Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion. The delete 65 policy was narrowly defeated 53% Nays to 47% Yeas, a mere 106 vote difference.

“Overall, the pro-life-and-family movement had a hugely successful convention,” said Jeff Gunnarson, Vice President of Campaign Life Coalition. “We added pro-life policies to the Party’s policy handbook, thus making it a more pro-life document.”

Gunnarson added: “We would’ve won the Delete 65 vote too, had the Leader not interfered in and manipulated the policy process by telling the Canadian Press hours before the vote, and sending a memo to MPs mere minutes before the Plenary started - that he would not re-open the abortion debate even if delegates voted to delete 65. Scheer’s meddling intimidated enough delegates and MPs to cause its defeat.”

“However, even the narrow loss on deleting #65 was inspiring because it showed there’s massive support in the party’s base for the pro-life position,” said Jack Fonseca, Senior Political Strategist for Campaign Life Coalition. “Social conservatives have momentum. We’re growing and getting more engaged, thanks in part to new immigrants who believe in the sanctity of life and family.”

“Come next convention – wherever that is - we’re confident Article 65 will finally be removed, and we’ll accumulate even more policy wins on life, family, faith and freedom. In the meantime, we’ll be working to nominate and elect many more pro-life, Conservative MPs for 2019.”


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