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Campaign Life Coalition congratulates Jason Kenney, urges action on parental rights and repeal of censorship zones

Toronto, April 16, 2019 – Campaign Life Coalition congratulates Premier-elect Jason Kenney, on a momentous victory in Alberta’s provincial election. The national pro-life, pro-family organization also encourages him to restore free speech, religious freedom and parental rights upon taking office.

“Under the Notley regime, parental rights, religious freedom and free speech were gravely curtailed,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “We congratulate Jason on his big win, and urge him to restore the rights and freedoms that have been stripped away from parents and people of faith during these past 4 years of NDP tyranny. He should begin the moment he takes office as Premier.”

“Kenney should waste no time in repealing the NDP’s unconstitutional Bill 9 which banned peaceful, pro-life expression on taxpayer-owned, public sidewalks near abortion facilities,” said Jack Fonseca, Political Operations Director of Campaign Life Coalition. “The Charter right to freedom of expression is fundamental to a free and democratic society. Banning peaceful expression is an affront to democracy and the hallmark of a totalitarian police state. Since free speech is a core principle for conservatives, we hope he will agree.”

Gunnarson called on Kenney to go beyond what he promised in the campaign with respect to parental notification of a child’s involvement in a school-based gay pride club, commonly referred to as a GSA: “We ask Jason to not only permit teachers to notify parents of a child’s involvement in a gay pride club, but to also make it mandatory to notify parents of such.”

“Parental rights over the moral education of children must be respected by the State. Additionally, the government has no right to trespass on the domain of the family with radical ideological agendas on sex and gender identity theory. Alberta’s new Premier-elect must set things right.”

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