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Ford sex-ed a massive betrayal of parents; Opt-out is a farce

Toronto, August 21, 2019 – Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) joins thousands of Ontario parents in opposing the new sex curriculum introduced today by Education Minister Stephen Lecce.  The pro-family advocacy group views it as betrayal of Doug Ford’s promise to repeal the Wynne sex program.

“This curriculum is exactly the same garbage that Kathleen Wynne imposed on the unwilling parents of Ontario. There’s almost no difference between Ford’s sex curriculum and Wynne’s. There’s been no repeal”, said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “The unscientific theories of gender identity and gender expression are still taught by Grade 7, or earlier if teachers want to. Homosexuality’s snuck into Grade 3 with a wink and a nudge via the teacher prompt on accepting people ‘regardless of who they love’, without any regard for the religious beliefs of many parents. Masturbation is still promoted to children in Grade 6.”

“With this announcement, Doug Ford has completely ignored the will of the parents who elected him on the promise he’d repeal and replace. It ignores the feedback parents gave during the consultation process”, added Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition’s Political Operations Director. “Minister Lecce justified retaining all of the controversial and dangerous elements of Wynne’s sex curriculum by claiming that during the consultation, that’s what the majority of parents demanded. It’s a lie. The consultation was rigged to make it easy for teachers unions and left-wing activists to hijack the online portals. We believe that thousands of fake submissions were inputted by non-parents, and likely by non-Ontarians.  Real parents also reported to us that they were screened out of telephone town halls when they told the call screener they planned to speak against Gender Identity Theory”

Fonseca also explained CLC’s belief that the opt-out rights promised by Lecce are a deceitful farce:

“After reading the language on the opt-out provision, it appears that nothing has changed from Wynne’s regime.  It simply says that teachers must follow their school board’s policy that allows for students to be exempted. It doesn’t state that school boards must permit students to be exempted from every element of the sex curriculum.”

“Therefore, if the Toronto District School Board maintains its totalitarian policy of not permitting parents to opt out their children from lessons on transgenderism and homosexuality, that’s what teachers must follow.  In other words, Ford is perpetrating a sleight of hand to trick parents into thinking they can opt their kids out of the most contentious lessons, but they really can’t.”

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