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Campaign Life Coalition laments Justin Trudeau’s re-election; blames Andrew Scheer’s leftward shift

Toronto, October 21, 2019 - Campaign Life Coalition is disappointed with the re-election of Justin Trudeau and a Liberal minority government.  Under his previous tenure, Justin Trudeau legalized euthanasia, discriminated against Canadians who didn’t adhere to his pro-abortion views, expanded abortion access in Canada, and committed billions of Canadian tax dollars to funding and advocating for abortion overseas.

 “Regardless of what the Prime Ministerial hopefuls said during the campaign about abortion, we remind the leaders and MPs that in Canada, our parliamentary tradition holds that MPs are free to act on their conscience on moral issues. We hope that they will be free not only to vote their consciences on such legislation and motions, but be allowed to bring forward private members’ bills to address the most important moral issues facing the country,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “The opposition Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer might have formed government if they had not alienated so much of their natural base of social conservatives, with their cynical but ultimately ineffective campaign to diminish the importance of moral issues, and to put on a socially-liberal face.”

“Scheer stepped into a trap set by his Liberal opponents of getting him to conduct voter suppression on the CPC’s own base,” said Jack Fonseca, Political Operations Director for Campaign Life Coalition. “By saying he would personally vote against any pro-life bill, by turning his back on family values and embracing the LGBT-agenda, and firing pro-family candidates, Scheer deflated his own base, sabotaged the ‘small-c’ conservative vote, and threw away the victory he could’ve been celebrating tonight.”

Regardless of the re-elected pro-abortion government, Campaign Life Coalition would like to acknowledge the more than 140 pro-life candidates who ran for the Conservatives, the People’s Party of Canada, and the Christian Heritage Party.

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