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Former lesbian asks MPs to vote against “Conversion Therapy” ban

Friday, October 9, 2020 – With the re-introduction of Bill C-6 (formerly Bill C-8), An Act to amend the Criminal Code (Conversion Therapy) which seeks to criminalize any treatment or service offered to children or adults desiring to overcome their unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction, Campaign Life Coalition has launched a series of videos featuring the personal stories of people who reclaimed their biological identity or overcame unwanted same-sex attraction through spiritual direction and/or clinical therapy of the type criminalized by Bill C-6. The latest video features Ms. Wilna Van Beek, a former lesbian who courageously shares her story of conversion and healing.

“In this latest video message to MPs and senators, Ms. Van Beek, shares her personal testimony of overcoming same-sex attraction with the help of spiritual guidance from her church and clinical therapy from a licensed counsellor. The compassionate support she received is an example of the type of counseling the Liberal Government wants to de-facto criminalize through this legislation,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “Wilna urges Canada’s law makers to vote against Bill C-6, which, if passed would deny others the same opportunity she had, to attain the freedom, inner peace, and psychological well-being she sought for so many years.”

If passed, Bill C-6 will jail pastors for providing spiritual guidance to minors or “advertising” such support. Parents can be imprisoned up to 5 years for affirming gender-confused children in the sex they were born. Therapists can be arrested for counselling clients who voluntarily ask for help with their unwanted sexual inclinations, and if they advertise the availability of the service or accept their normal professional fee as compensation.
“This bill is a grave violation of our civil liberties as free Canadians to choose what kind of therapy or spiritual counselling we want.  It’s also an attempt to censor teachings on human sexuality that are shared by Christians, Jews, and Muslims worldwide”, said CLC spokesperson, Jack Fonseca. “It’s time for the Liberals to stop burying the other side of the debate on this issue, these alternative voices who can testify that spiritual guidance or clinical therapy was helpful – and not harmful – in helping them live according to their faith.  Helping individuals deal with unwanted gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction should not become a crime.  Individuals who bravely share their journey of healing, like Wilna, must be heard by the Canadian public”.


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