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Bill C-6, the ‘conversion therapy’ ban, represents an unprecedented assault by the Trudeau Liberals on the civil rights, personal freedoms, and religious liberties of Canadians

Ottawa, Dec 4, 2020 – At 11:30am today, Campaign Life Coalition along with representatives from various organizations, will gather on Parliament Hill for a press conference followed by a ‘Stop the Ban’ rally in opposition to the Liberal Government’s Bill C-6, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy). Campaign Life Coalition will also present a petition against Bill C-6, with more than 16,000 signatures, to Members of Parliament.

Speakers Include:
David Cooke, National Campaigns Manager, Campaign Life Coalition
Dr. Ann Gillies, trauma therapist
Keith Alexander, Toronto businessman who left homosexuality
George Buscemi, President, Campagne Quebec-Vie
Peter Vogel, Deputy Leader, Christian Heritage Party

Where and When:
Friday, December 4 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Parliament Hill, Front Lawn, Ottawa

“The Trudeau Liberals claim “conversion therapy” equals torture and abuse, but on paper, Bill C-6 omits any explicit mention of any specified, demonstrable physical, mental, or social harms,” said David Cooke, National Campaign Manager for Campaign Life Coalition. “Instead, Bill C-6 focuses on denouncing certain traditional beliefs and viewpoints common to millions of Canadians, barring those who seek help from unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria, and criminalizing those who offer them therapy and faith-based counsel.”

For more information on Bill C-6, or to watch video testimonials by people who left the gay and/or transgender lifestyle, go to

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Media Contacts:
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Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition, 647-638-5433
Georges Buscemi, Campagne Quebec Vie, 514-928-4819