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Campaign Life Coalition praises petition calling for O’Toole leadership review

HamiltonNovember 162021 – Campaign Life Coalition applauds Conservative Senator Denise Batters for launching an official petition under the Conservative Party of Canada’s (CPC) Constitution to hold a confidence vote to review Erin O’Toole’s CPC leadership within 6 months. 

“Senator Denise Batters is absolutely right to point out that Conservative members across Canada are demanding that O’Toole has to go. He betrayed small-c conservative principles, official party policy, and he flip-flopped constantly,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. 

“O’Toole’s strategy of steering the party to the left on numerous core issues was foolish. He disrespected the values that many grassroots Conservatives hold dear including the sanctity of life and conscience rights for health care professionals who do not want to participate in abortion or euthanasia,” he added.   

Jack Fonseca, Director of Political Operations for Campaign Life Coalition, said the Batters is right in pointing out the obvious that Conservatives cannot win the next election with O’Toole at the helm. 

"O’Toole’s election campaign was an unmitigated disaster, losing two seats in the House of Commons and presiding over a collapse in the Conservative vote to the tune of 500,000 votes compared to 2019,” he said.  

“Senator Batters is doing the party a huge favour by moving to recall O’Toole. If this hapless leader stays at the helm, the Conservatives will lose even more badly in the next election. We’ll witness a repeat of the 1993 election in which the PC Party of Canada imploded — left with just two seats — owing to its leftward slide on fiscal and social issues. Any hope of a future Conservative government rests on removing O’Toole.” 

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