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CLC holding press conference/rally marking 35 years of Morgentaler decision

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada's preeminent pro-life organization, is holding a press conference and rally this morning at 10:00 AM local time in front of the Supreme Court building to mark 35 years since the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Morgentaler case which struck down the previous abortion law and left Canada a nation without any legal protection for preborn children.  

Since that day, an estimated 3.4 million preborn babies have been tragically killed by abortion. 

The Supreme Court offered Parliament the opportunity to pass legislation protecting life in the womb. This has yet to happen. 

"The 1988 Morgentaler decision, which was rife with faults, effectively removed every obstacle barring pregnant mothers from obtaining an abortion. This allowed mothers to kill their preborn children at any stage during the pregnancy, for any reason at all. And, sadly, millions of Canadian mothers have chosen to destroy the new human lives growing and developing inside of them," said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition.  

Gunnarson said that most Canadians don’t know this, but the Supreme Court Justices did not want the Canada we live in today when it comes to abortion. 

"Despite what many Liberal politicians and abortion activists think, the Justices did not find a right to abortion. They did not settle the 'abortion question.' In fact, the Justices actually invited Parliament to pass legislation that protected babies in the womb," he said.  

Gunnarson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau of critical importance to every Canadian, born and unborn.  

He will reveal the contents of the letter at the event in front of the Supreme Court Building before walking over to Parliament and delivering the letter by hand.  

Attendees at the rally will be holding signs with messages such as "35 years: 3.4 million babies killed by abortion," "Listen to Bertha: kids in womb need 'protection,'" and "@JustinTrudeau: Preborn babies deserve the right to life." 

CLC will be available for questions, in both English and French. 

The press conference and rally will be live-streamed on CLC’s Facebook page here: 

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Key information:  

What: Pro-life press conference and rally 35 years after R. v. Morgentaler decision where letter from Canadian pro-life leader Jeff Gunnarson to Prime Minister Trudeau will be made public.  

When: Thursday, January 26, 10 AM 

Where: Outside Supreme Court Building 

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