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Press release: Abortion pill kills 19-year-old Canadian

Hamilton, Jan. 31, 2023 -- Canada’s pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) is calling on Health Canada to ban the abortion drug Mifegymiso following the death of a 19-year-old Canadian girl who died of septic shock after taking the pills.  

Health Canada approved chemical abortion in 2015 despite acknowledging that “infection and sepsis” resulting in “multi-organ failure and death” is a risk associated with this drug.  

“This girl did not deserve to die,” said Jeff Gunnarson, CLC’s National President.      

“She had her whole life ahead of her. Like most women her age, she may have enjoyed socializing with friends, listening to music, and exploring new interests. She may have been on an exciting new path of education and career development,” he continued.      

“Her untimely death is a tragedy that deeply affects everyone involved, including her family, friends, and community. The loss of young lives with so much potential is always devastating. It leaves behind a void that cannot be filled,” he added. 

Read CLC’s full report here: 

CLC has launched a national petition demanding that Health Canada ban this deadly human pesticide. 

“We cannot remain silent in the face of the tragic death of this young woman and her child,” said Gunnarson. 

“We cannot stand idly by as more women and their preborn children are destroyed by the abortion pill. We call on Health Canada to act now to protect maternal and infant health and prevent further tragedies,” he added. 

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