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Pro-life group decries passage of censorship Bill C-11

Campaign Life Coalition decries the passage of Liberal totalitarian censorship Bill C-11 after debate was undemocratically shut down on the bill today. The Bill was passed and sent back to the Senate in a late-night vote of 202-117. 

“This bill is simply the Trudeau Liberals’ take-over of the internet,” said Jeff Gunnarson, president of Campaign Life Coalition. “The bill allows the government to determine what Canadians see online.”  

Campaign Life Coalition has been fighting this bill from its beginnings in 2020, knowing it could easily lead to the online silencing of those who oppose the Liberal’s promotion of anti-life and anti-family agendas.  

Critics have warned that under Bill C-11, everything Canadians watch, listen to, and post on the internet within Canada will be controlled and regulated by the CRTC – a government agency tasked with carrying out government policy.  

“With the passage of this bill, freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas within Canada are under attack like never before. Canadians will soon see only what the government wants them to see online,” said Gunnarson.  

Gunnarson warned that pro-life and pro-family advocates who seek justice for the preborn, the protection of the elderly and disabled, and the defence of marriage, could essentially be excluded from the Canadian internet with the passage of this bill.

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