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Petition asking schools to ban Pride flags soars past 20,000 signatures

HAMILTON – A national petition to school board trustees asking that they fly only the Canadian flag, not the LGBT Pride flag, on school property has just surpassed 20,000 signatures. The petition was launched by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). 

“This significant milestone of 20,000 signatures coincides with a nationwide uprising of parents from diverse ethnic and faith backgrounds who are demanding that LGBT activists leave their school-aged children alone and cease indoctrinating them with sexual and gender ideologies,” said Jeff Gunnarson, CLC’s National President.  

“Parents have had enough and are fed up with homosexual and transgender propaganda being shoved in the faces of their children at school all day long in the month of June,” he added.  

The petition, titled “No LGBT ‘Pride’ flags at our schools,” states that signers are “alarmed that school boards across Canada are increasingly forcing or ‘encouraging’ their schools to fly the controversial, gay and transgender pride flag during the month of June, without regard for the religious beliefs of every student, or their families.” 

“The LGBT Pride flag is a political symbol that divides our communities and creates conflict. It therefore has no place on the school grounds. The only flag that should be flown at our schools, is the Canadian flag. It is a non-controversial symbol of national unity and shared pride for our great country,” the petition states.  

The number of signers has skyrocketed in the past weeks. Prominent among the new signers are those from a diversity of ethnic and faith backgrounds, including those from Muslim communities.  

The petition milestone comes on the heels of the CLC-organized first annual “National ‘Pride’ Flag walk-out day” where parents across the country kept their children home from school on June 1st to protest Pride celebrations in schools. Some schools reported absence rates of 30-75 percent. CLC has also promoted various rallies on the same theme of protesting LGBT propaganda in schools, including the June 9 “Education Over Indoctrination Rally” in Ottawa and the June 16 rally in Calgary opposing "forced LGBTQ indoctrination in schools." Parents everywhere are rallying behind the cry: “Leave our kids alone.”  

Facing mounting pressure from parents, school boards are taking a second look at their policies regarding flag flying. Last month, the York Catholic District School Board voted against flying the Pride flag. On June 20th, the Niagara Catholic District School Board (NCDSB) will face a vote on a motion to ban flags or banners that advocate for any “partisan, political, or social policy issue.” 

“This common-sense policy proposal at the NCDSB is about keeping schools focused on education, not indoctrination,” said Jack Fonseca, CLC’s director of political operations. “It’s about keeping these schools a place of neutrality when it comes to politics, not a place to be co-opted by hyper-sexualized special interest groups for their own plans and purposes.”

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