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CLC celebrates one-year anniversary of Roe overturn

HAMILTON, Ontario – June 24 marks the first anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in the United States that saw the overturn of Roe v. Wade, a 1973 ruling that allowed the killing of preborn children by abortion for nearly five decades. Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), one of Canada’s leading pro-life organizations committed to promoting the sanctity of human life, celebrates this anniversary as a significant milestone in securing the right to life of preborn children globally. 

“Thank God for this monumental victory for the pro-life movement and preborn babies everywhere,” said Jeff Gunnarson, CLC’s National President. “This victory truly signifies the loosening of the iron grip that the pro-abortion movement has held on America and the world for decades.”  

Gunnarson pointed out that with the fall of Roe, twenty US states have passed laws restricting abortion, resulting in some 24,000 lives being saved. He pointed out that the reverberations of Roe’s fall have been felt in Canada too. 

“Canadian pro-abortion politicians are really feeling the heat because of Roe’s fall, said Gunnarson. “A Parliamentary committee, largely stacked with pro-abortion types, was so alarmed by what it called ‘backsliding’ when it comes to abortion that it recently put out a document with over a dozen recommendations so mothers at home and abroad could continue to kill their preborn children.”  

Gunnarson said that whatever short-term measures pro-abortion politicians come up with, it won’t stop the fact that the tide has turned against abortion and it is only a matter of time before the right to life of preborn humans begins to be recognized and enshrined in pro-life laws in nations around the world.  

“The fall of Roe was a battle-turning breach in the seemingly impenetrable stronghold of abortion ideology that has gripped the world for half a century,” he said. “But, the tide has now turned. The fall of Roe signified that no one anywhere in the world has the right to take the life of an innocent baby. It’s only a matter of time before our own laws and jurisprudence reflect this truth.”  

Gunnarson noted how the overthrow of Roe has motivated pro-life advocates across Canada with renewed optimism and zeal for a brighter future in which every human life is valued and protected. “We had twice as many people show up to our annual National March for Life in May compared to last year,” he said. “The pro-life movement is growing in leaps and bounds. Our database of supporters has skyrocketed in the past year.”  

He also pointed to public opinion polls that show a growing number of Canadians who are not comfortable with the fact that there are no laws to protect preborn children at any stage during pregnancy and that a baby can be legally aborted even in the last trimester. An Angus Reid poll from December showed that 49 percent of Canadians say they support at least some limits on abortion.  

“Pro-life outreach and activism in the public square are allowing more and more Canadians to recognize the humanity of preborn babies,” said Gunnarson. “They see that it’s not the mother’s body, but the baby’s body. They are uncomfortable when they see the violence of abortion. Pro-life activism has been so effective, that various cities in Alberta and Ontario, in desperation, have passed unconstitutional bylaws censoring pro-life free speech, which are being challenged.”  

“As we reflect on the first anniversary of the Roe v. Wade overturn, Campaign Life Coalition remains steadfast in our commitment to defending the dignity and sanctity of every human life. We will continue to work diligently to promote alternatives to abortion, support women in crisis pregnancies, and advocate for legislation that protects the rights of the preborn in Canada. We will continue to work toward building a future where all lives, from conception to natural death, are cherished, valued, and protected,” said Gunnarson.  

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