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Premier Moe will use Notwithstanding Clause to defend new education policy

Saskatoon, Sept. 28, 2023 -- Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) praises Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe for following through on his promise to use the Notwithstanding Clause to pass legislation to protect parents’ rights. 

The Premier’s move comes on the heels of over 4,000 parents urging him in a petition created by CLC to make good on his promise to use every tool at his disposal, including the Notwithstanding Clause, to ensure that the province’s new pro-parental rights education policy is defended.  

The new policy, released August 22, requires schools to obtain parental permission when children under  age 16 wish to change their name or pronouns used in addressing them. 

Jeff Gunnarson, CLC President, called it a “common-sense” policy that “recognizes what a majority of parents already know, namely that parents are the ones who have the best interests of their children at heart, and that parental authority must be respected.”

Gunnarson said that the policy promotes transparency in schools, better communication between parents and teachers, and ultimately a safer school environment for all students. 

“Moe is right,” said Gunnarson: “The default position should never be to keep a child’s information from their parents.” 

The Premier’s announcement to use the Notwithstanding Clause comes in the wake of LGBT activists launching a lawsuit against the August policy. This week, a judge granted an injunction against the policy. 

Louis Roth, President of Campaign Life Coalition, said that the Notwithstanding Clause “exists precisely for this kind of situation so that provinces have the power to override activist judges who attempt to interfere with the constitutional rights of provinces.”

Moe said in a statement that he was “dismayed by the judicial overreach of the court blocking the implementation of the Parental Inclusion and Consent policy.”

CLC’s petition, signed by 4,473 people, thanked the Premier for taking a “courageous stand” in support of parents and children in Saskatchewan.

“Your province’s new Parental Consent and Inclusion Policy (released on Aug. 22, 2023) recognizes that parents have the best interests of their children at heart, and that parental authority must be respected by educational institutions and government. I hope that every province will follow your lead and implement a similar policy,” the petition states. 

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