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Press release: CLC Alarmed about Novel Vatican Declaration on Blessings of Same-Sex Couples

HAMILTON, Ontario – In response to the Vatican Declaration “Fiducia Supplicans – On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings,” Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) is deeply concerned that efforts to restore a traditional understanding of marriage and family will be further undermined. While the Declaration repeatedly insists that the intention is not to legitimize or validate same-sex relationships, nor produce confusion and scandal, the effect has been, and likely will continue to be, the opposite.

CLC’s Director of Education & Advocacy Josie Luetke stated: “Already, misleading headlines and social media posts have proliferated, and dissident priests are using this opportunity to advance the LGBTQ agenda. We dread that ‘Catholic’ schools will reference this document to erroneously justify celebrations of Gay Pride.”

CLC’s Director of Political Operations Jack Fonseca added: “This will also embolden persecution and prosecution of Catholics and Christians, including school trustees, who defend biblical sexuality, whether via hate speech laws or internal Codes of Conduct."

The Declaration does cite marriage as an “exclusive, stable, and indissoluble union between a man and a woman, naturally open to the generation of children” and maintains that “it is only in this context that sexual relations find their natural, proper, and fully human meaning.” It even states unequivocally: “The Church’s doctrine on this point remains firm.”

The Declaration dubiously claims, however, that a new “theological-pastoral understanding” of blessings has been developed that opens the door to blessing same-sex couples.

Fonseca said that the document will cause much spiritual harm.

“This gravely problematic Vatican document will certainly lead to the rejection of biblical truth by many Christians and a loss of supernatural faith. We plead with Canada’s Catholic bishops to join bishops from around the world who, in response to this document and to avoid creating confusion among the faithful, have forbidden blessings for same-sex couples.”

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