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Alberta delivers massive blow to transgender ideology 

Campaign Life Coalition praises Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for listening to parents and grassroots UCP members by announcing ground-breaking new policies that keep parents at the centre of their children’s lives and protect children from harmful sexual ideologies. 

“A political miracle has just happened,” said CLC National President Jeff Gunnarson. “With these new policies, a Canadian premier has essentially told the seemingly unstoppable transgender movement to stop in its tracks and leave Alberta kids alone. I commend Premier Smith for her proposed policies that will go a long way in protecting children and safeguarding the unreplaceable parent-child relationship.” 

Premier Smith announced on January 31 that under the sweeping new policies, mutilating surgeries intended to change the child into the opposite sex would be banned for minors 17 and under. And, children 15 years and younger will not be permitted castrating hormones to block puberty. In a move similar to New Brunswick’s, parental consent will be required if a child under 16 wants to change his or her name or pronouns at school. And, in a stunning first for the country, biological men who claim to be women will no longer be allowed to compete in women-only sporting events. 

The announcement of the new policies comes in the wake of over 10,000 Canadians demanding that child sex change be banned in all provinces in a petition created by CLC. “Banning child sex-change is a common-sense proposal that puts the health and well-being of children first,” the petition states.  

Gunnarson encouraged provinces to follow Alberta’s lead.  

“Children in every province need to be protected from mutilating surgeries that leave them permanently sterilized and scarred for life. Children are born in the exact body God intended them to have and God does not make mistakes. Hormones and surgeries that attempt to change a child’s God-given sex are child abuse. They are evil. I encourage every premier to follow Alberta’s lead and protect the children of your province.”  

Matthew Wojciechowski, CLC vice-president, said that while Alberta’s move is certainly putting Canada back on track to sanity and normality, he pointed out that the anthropology and language used in Premiere Danielle Smith’s announcement catered to the false notion that someone can change their sex.

“There is no such reality as someone being born in the wrong sex. Biologically and scientifically, a person is either male or female. Some of these new policies affirm what Smith calls an ‘adult choice’ to change one’s biological sex, which is a medical impossibility. The new policies, which include bringing transgender surgery mutilators into the province, propagate the lie of ‘gender identity’. This will cause further harm to children and adults struggling with mental illness and their families who are trying to help them embrace their God-given biological sex,” he said.

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