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CLC calls on Premier Danielle Smith to legislate parental consent for minor children seeking abortion

Campaign Life Coalition welcomes a new poll showing that most Albertans support parental consent and/or notification for a minor to obtain an abortion and calls on Premier Danielle Smith to incorporate this into her government’s recently announced parental rights legislation, thus reflecting the will of a majority of voters. 

“An abortion is an irreversible medical decision that takes the life of the smallest member of the human family,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “While it’s only common sense that parents be involved in every major medical decision of their child, no parent knowing what an abortion is and how it harms their daughter and destroys the life of their grandchild would consent to such evil. A consent law would make parents aware of the situation so they can act lovingly to protect both their child and grandchild.”  

Gunnarson pointed out that abortion is not safe for the child since it kills a baby, nor the child’s mother. “Both surgical and chemical abortions harm women on many levels, including physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually,” he said. “Such a common-sense measure of looping the parents in when it comes to abortion is 100% necessary to keeping their daughter and grandchild safe,” he added.  

National Public Research Canada (NPRC) released the results of a survey on Feb. 5 that asked if parental rights should “include parental consent for a minor child seeking an abortion?" The poll found that 52 percent of 6,047 respondents said they support both parental notification and consent, while 10 percent said they would like to be notified without having their consent required, a combined total of 62 percent. 

Jack Fonseca, CLC Director of Political Operations said that parental rights already apply to so many other issues when it comes to parental involvement in their children’s safety.  

“Parents need to give their consent to have an over-the-counter medication like Advil administered to their child at school, he said. You even have to sign permission slips so a child can go to the zoo or a museum with their school.”  

“So, of course, parents should not be kept in the dark if their underage daughter wants to have a surgical abortion. The same logic also applies to chemical abortions, as well, which are at least as dangerous as the surgical type. It’s the perfect time for parents to intervene and help their child and grandchild.” 

Fonseca added that legislation in this area will benefit teenage girls trapped in sexual abuse. 

“We know that sexual abusers with power over adolescent girls and young women often utilize abortion to conceal their rape and continue abusing their victims, sometimes for years. Once a baby comes along, however, the jig is up. The pregnancy will reveal to her family that she has been raped, and the authorities can get involved to prosecute the abuser.” 

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