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Campaign Life Coalition praises all MPs who voted in favour of M-312

Toronto, Sept. 27, 2012- The vote on Stephen Woodworth’s (MP Kitchener) private members Motion 312 has taken place and the results were predicted by many in advance of the vote. What wasn’t expected by some was the courageous vote of over half of the Conservative Caucus and one third of the Cabinet who voted in favour of the motion in spite of PM Stephen Harper’s insistence that he would not support it. In addition 4 strong Liberal MPs voted in favour.

"We applaud the MPs who stood up for a common sense Motion to bring into sync with true scientific evidence, a ridiculous Canadian law which says a child does not become human until after complete birth," said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. "It took courage for those who stood against their leader and we appreciate that they respect truth, justice and free speech." he continued.

"To have the Conservative and some Liberal MPs take a stand for life together is encouraging for the future, despite of the sad loss of this important vote. We hope the MPs will continue to bring forward common sense motions such as Mr. Woodworth’s and educate and inform the public on the humanity of the unborn child," said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer for Campaign Life Coalition.

Campaign Life Coalition calls on all pro-lifers to contact their MP and congratulate them if they voted in favour and let them know that you are disappointed if they voted against M-312.

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Campaign Life Coalition is a national, non-profit organization involved in political action and advocacy for legal and cultural change in Canada with respect to protecting human life and the family. It is non-partisan and encourages voting based on principles, not party. For more information visit

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