Voters Guide - Conservative Leadership 2017

Tier 1: Top Ballot Choices

Vote for either one of these unapologetic pro-life/pro-family candidates as your #1 or #2 choice, in whatever order you prefer.

Be sure to rank one of them as the #1 choice and the other as #2.

No other candidate should be considered.


Tier 2: Disqualified

The remaining candidates are disqualified from consideration. Please do not rank their names on the ballot.

Each year, over 100,000 children are killed before birth, and none of the following candidates is prepared to protect them. They've been disqualified for one of two possible reasons.  First, because some of them explicitly support abortion and/or euthanasia, along with anti-family policies and legislation. For others, it's because they've stated that any government led by them as Prime Minister will continue to support the status quo of abortion-on-demand, even if they themselves are personally uncomfortable with the killing of preborn children. 
Click the links below for further analysis of each candidate.