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Candidate, Dan McTeague

Liberal Party, Pickering - Scarborough East, ON


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CLC rating: Pro-life, pro-family
Rating Comments: A solid pro-lifer throughout his career.
First elected ( 1993.10.25
Previous Occupation: Federal MP
Birthdate ( 1962.10.16
Percentage in last election: 49.7%
Victory margin last election: 17.2%
Religion / Faith: Catholic


Parliamentary Office
House of Commons
Room 302, Justice Bldg.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-995-8082
Fax: 613-993-6587
Constituency Offices
3-6758 Kingston Rd
Scarborough, Ontario
M1B 1G8
Tel: 905-421-8787
Fax: 416-287-6160

Here is Dan McTeague's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Bill C-33, added 'sexual orientation' to the Human Rights Act
This bill was a major advance by the gay-lobby towards their hidden agenda of successfully challenging the traditional definition of marriage in court, and thereby, legitimizing their influence over the educational system. Their final goal was always to gain access to textbooks and school curriculum so they could re-write them as gay-positive, a coup-de-grace enabling them to indoctrinate future generations thus, imposing societal acceptance of homosexual acts. [1996]
No ok
Section 93 Constitutional Amendment, revoked a guaranteed religious education right in Quebec
[Nov. 18, 1997]
No ok
Motion 123, Favoured legalizing euthanasia & assisted Suicide
[Mar 25, 1998]
No ok
Motion to preserve the true definition of marriage
[June 8, 1999]
Yes ok
Motion to maintain the true definition of marriage
Maintain definition as between one man and one woman [Sep 16, 2003]
Yes ok
Bill C-250, added sexual orientation to hate crimes law [Sep 17, 2003]
Note: observers predict this could eventually be used to prosecute Christians for holding to biblical teaching on homosexuality and may cause sections of the Bible and the Catholic Cathechism to be banned as "hate literature".
No ok
Motion 83, Inquiry into the medical necessity of abortion
Asked parliament to examine whether abortion is medically necessary and to report on its potential health risks to women (Oct 1, 2003)
Absent --
C-13, Reproductive Technologies bill
Allowed destruction of embryonic humans for research; as well as human cloning for the purpose of organ harvesting (Oct 28, 2003)
No ok
C-38, A bill to abolish the true definition of marriage
[June 28, 2005]
No ok
M-221, child protection motion
To raise the age of consent for sex from 14 to 16 [Sep 28, 2005]
Yes ok
C-313, Age of Consent child protection bill
Raised the age of consent for sex from 14 to 16 [Sep 28, 2005]
Yes ok
Motion 12, Re-open debate on definition of marriage
[Dec 2006]
Yes ok
C-484, Unborn victims of Crime Act
Common sense legislation that would allow criminal charges to be laid in the death or injury of an unborn child when the childs mother is the victim of violent crime. This cannot be considered a "pro-life" bill because it specifically excludes deliberate acts of abortion by the woman. Nonetheless, it is a good "pro-family" bill because it protects women and their wanted children from violent crime. (Mar5/08)
Yes ok
Bob Rae's pro-abortion Motion
A Liberal Motion to expand abortion & contraception throughout Africa, at Canadian taxpayer expense. This was an attempt to co-opt a good Maternal & Child Health initiative of the Conservative government whose purpose was saving the lives of pregnant women and children by providing clean water, medicine and health-care workers assist with child birth. Bob Rae's abortion Motion was narrowly defeated 138 to 144. [Mar. 23, 2010]
No ok
Survey on awarding Order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler
Do you agree with awarding the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler? (July 2008)
No ok
Bill C-384, Legalize euthanasia & assisted suicide
A horrible bill that would have given doctors permission to kill people who are seriously ill but not dying and who in fact, have a treatable condition. Doctors would also have been permitted to kill people suffering with treatable chronic depression. This bill was defeated on second reading, 59 votes in favour to 228 votes Against.
[Apr 21, 2010]
No ok
Bill C-510, to protect pregnant women from coercion to abort
This private member's bill by Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge, also called Roxanne's Law, was a common sense bill to protect women and their unborn children from coercion to abort. Abortion coercion by boyfriends, husbands, relatives and even physicians is very common in Canada. Unfortunately, the bill was defeated in 2nd reading by a vote of 97 to 178. [December 15, 2010]
Yes ok
Bill C389, 3rd reading of the "Transsexual Bathroom Bill"
This radical bill sought to add "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the Human Rights Act and Criminal Code. If passed, the bill would've endangered women and children by creating a legal right for men who "identify" as the opposite sex, to use female public washrooms. Male sexual predators or peeping toms would have certainly used this as an opening to enter the girl's washroom. It is unconscionable for legislators to put women and children in such a compromising position. It would also create a legal nightmare for businesses that would be required to allow staff to cross-dress in the work place. Furthermore, this would harm youth by cooperating with mental illness and encouraging sexually-confused young men to perceive themselves as women, and vice versa. It will also open the door for radical activists to insist that transsexualism must be inserted in school curriculum and taught in classrooms as something that is normal, natural and healthy. This bill passed final reading in House of Commons by a 143-135 vote on February 9, 2011, but then, thankfully, died in the Senate when a federal election was called.
No ok

Here are quotes from Dan McTeague on various life and family issues:

On a vote regarding the legalization of assisted suicide:  "We are doing more than opening a Pandora's box. We are deciding, as a state, who should live and who should die." Toronto Star, on Assisted Suicide Vote: "We are doing more than opening a Pandora's box. We are deciding, as a state, who should live and who should die." [Sept. 9, 1994]

On permissive child porn legislation and court judges:  "If, as MPs, we are not willing to send a message to the judges of the country not to play around with the laws, we face the possible consequence of seeign many other occassions where the interests of our children will not be defended." [The Globe and Mail, Feb. 3, 1999]

On the matter of abortion:  "As a mattter of conviction, I believe abortion to be the greatest of crimes perpetrated against humanity‚Ķ The mere existence of abortion reveals not only a great malaise with our distorted system of rights and obligations, but more appallingly with society in general. To put a twist on a famous liberal quote in opposition to Capital Punishment; are we so lacking in respect for ourselves, that we would now allows the destruction of one human being for the 'convenience' of another?" [Unequivocal Statement of Principle in the matter of abortion, by Dan McTeague, Apr. 3, 1992]

On child pornography:  "Most (parliamentarians) were not aware of the subtle way in which the courts have been able to allow certain types of child pornography to be granted acceptability based on the words of artistic merit... My sense is they got it wrong. My sense is that Parliament now has a unique opportunity to deal with its mandate... to provide effective legislation and wording that would meet the test." [The Toronto Star, Apr 23, 2002]

Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Dan McTeague on 2008.

Question Response
Do you believe that life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yes
If elected, will you strive to introduce and pass laws to protect unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? no response
If elected, would you support all legislative or policy proposals that would result in a meaningful increase of respect and protection for unborn human life? no response
If elected, will you support measures to introduce and pass a law to protect every unborn child from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? Yes
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: Medical treatments to save the life of a mother and which result in the UNINTENDED death of her unborn child, are NOT abortions. Eg. in case of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) No
If elected, will you oppose any legislative or regulatory measures designed to permit the deliberate euthanasia of a human being or designed to permit "doctor-assisted suicide"? no response
If elected, will you oppose any legislative or regulatory measures designed to permit the deliberate killing (euthanasia) of a human being regardless of age, state of health, or "anticipated quality of life" or designed to permit "doctor-assisted suicide"? Yes
If elected, will you support legislative or regulatory measures that would prohibit the dispensing of abortion-inducing pharmaceuticals? Yes
If elected, will you support legislative or regulatory measures to prohibit experimentation upon human embryos, at every stage of development? Yes
If elected, will you vote for measures that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others? Yes

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