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Candidate, Maria Van Bommel

Liberal Party, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, ON


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Not Supportable
Not Supportable
CLC rating: Pro-abortion
Rating Comments: Has a confusing record. She gave pro-life answers to our 2003 questionnaire, but then added the comment that abortion "is a difficult choice that a family has to make and it is their decision", which basically means that if somebody wants an abortion really badly, they should go ahead and do it anyway, after consulting with relatives. She also stated in a Citizen Impact survey that she does not support the idea of withdrawing taxpayer funding for abortions. She campaigned in 2003 in defence of true marriage, but then in 2005 voted to abolish the true definition of marriage in Ontario law.
First elected ( 02-Oct-03
Previous Occupation: Farm owner, accounting
Birthdate ( --
Percentage in last election: 29.3% in 2011, 43.3% in 2007
Victory margin last election: -16.4% in 2011, +7.0% in 2007
Religion / Faith: Catholic


Parliamentary Office
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
10th Floor, 77 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1B3
Tel: 416-326-6160
Fax: 416-326-3119
Constituency Offices
71-C Front St W
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 1X6
Tel: 519-245-8696
Fax: 519-245-8697

Here is Maria Van Bommel's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Bill 171 which abolished the true definition of marriage & family in Ontario law
[Feb 28, 2005]
Yes bad

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Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Maria Van Bommel on 2003.

Question Response
Do you acknowledge that human life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yes
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: a surgical or medical intervention, designed to prevent the death of the mother but but which results in the unintended and undesired death of the pre-born child, is not an abortion. e.g. in cases of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) Yes
Will you support measures to stop funding abortions with taxpayers' money in Ontario? said "Yes", but different survey by Citizen Impact, said "No"*
Do you agree women have the right to be thoroughly informed about the serious health consequences of abortion, the development of the child in the womb and the alternatives to abortion? Yes
Will you support the rights of parents to withdraw their children from school classes which offend their moral principles or beliefs concerning abortion, contraception and homosexuality? did not answer
Will you support legislation to protect the right of health care workers who refuse to participate in procedures which are in violation of their religious or conscientious beliefs? Yes
Will you oppose over the counter distribution of abortion-inducing pills referred to as "emergency contraception" and "morning after pills"? need more info on morning after pill (from 2003)

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