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MLA Paul Merriman

Saskatchewan Party, Saskatoon Silverspring, SK


Paul Merriman
Not Supportable
Not Supportable
CLC rating: Pro-abortion, anti-free speech
Rating Comments: As Health Minister, Merriman introduced a totalitarian censorship bill, Bill 48, which aimed to criminalize all legal protests and expressions of disagreement with government "health" policy within 50 metres of any hospital in Saskatchewan, including pro-life witnessing, protests against euthanasia, and opposition to mandating the abortion-tainted Covid-19 injections. The bill passed into law on Nov. 24, 2021 after being rammed through the legislature in a mere 9 days.

In total violation of the constitutional right to equality under the law, Bill 48 will only "authorize" protests by left-leaning labour unions.

The criminalization of pro-life protests and witnessing will definitely result in more babies being murdered by abortion, and more women being traumatized by an irreversible "choice" they can never take back.

This stain is all the more shameful on Merriman's record since he identified as "pro-life" at a 2011 all-candidates meeting.

Nevertheless, to his credit, in October 2023, Merriman voted in favour of a wonderful 'Parents Bill of Rights' law that will require schools to obtain parental consent before their children can use opposite sex names or opposite sex pronouns at school. The bill, which was voted into law, also included other valuable protections against LGBT and sexual grooming in the classroom, which has become rampant over the past decade.

Position: Minister of Health (29th Legislature)
First elected ( 2011.11.07
Previous Occupation: Executive Director of the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre
Percentage in last election: 59.07% (2020); 63.69%
Victory margin last election: 21.22% (2020); 35.23%
Religion / Faith: unknown


Paul Merriman
Parliamentary Office
Constituency Offices
Campaign office: 3521 8th St E, 211
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7H 0W5
Tel: 306-244-5623
Fax: 306-244-5626
Paul Merriman

Here is Paul Merriman's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Bill 137 — The Education (Parents’ Bill of Rights) Amendment Act, 2023
In a groundbreaking victory for parental rights and child protection in Canada, the Saskatchewan provincial government passed its Parents’ Bill of Rights, ensuring that parental authority is respected, family values are prioritized over politically-correct / state-approved values, and students are better protected from falling prey to LGBT grooming and woke ideological indoctination. Premier Scott Moe even invoked the Notwithstanding Clause to shield the pro-family legislation from the whims of unelected, activist judges who might try to label it “transphobic”. Bill 137 passed by a huge vote margin of 40 - 12 on October 20, 2023.
Supported ok
Paul Merriman

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Paul Merriman

Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Paul Merriman on July 2020.

Question Response
Do you acknowledge that human life begins at conception (fertilization)? no response
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: a surgical or medical intervention, designed to prevent the death of the mother but but which results in the unintended and undesired death of the pre-born child, is not an abortion. e.g. in cases of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) no response
Will you support measures to stop funding abortions with taxpayers' money in Saskatchewan? no response
Do you agree women have the right to be thoroughly informed about the serious health consequences of abortion, the development of the child in the womb and the alternatives to abortion? no response
Will you support the rights of parents to withdraw their children from school classes which offend their moral principles or beliefs concerning abortion, contraception and homosexuality? no response
Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of a person by action or omission, with or without that person's consent, for what people mistakenly believe are compassionate reasons. Will you oppose euthanasia and support measures to promote 'palliative care', the purpose of which is to alleviate pain and enhance quality of life for terminally ill patients? no response
Will you support legislation to protect the right of health care workers who refuse to participate in procedures which are in violation of their religious or conscientious beliefs? no response
Paul Merriman

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