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Trustee Helga Campbell

District School Board of Niagara, ON
Electoral District: Niagara Falls


Helga Campbell
Not Supportable
Not Supportable
CLC rating: Not supportable
Rating Comments: This individual was acclaimed in the 2022 municipal election. In response to CLC's 2010 questionnaire, she argued that the role of a trustee is to implement whatever legislation the government tells it to, referring to McGuinty's dangerous, pro-homosexualist, "Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy" for the reason that schools rely on government funding. In CLC's opinion, that is a false and dangerous view for a candidate to take. The trustee is "entrusted" by parents with the responsibility of providing an education to their children. It is therefore implied that the morals and values of parents is to be respected. A good trustee candidate will publicly oppose and work to repeal McGuinty's dangerous EIE Strategy.
Percentage in last election: Acclaimed (2022)
Victory margin last election: Acclaimed (2022)
Religion / Faith: unknown


Helga Campbell
Parliamentary Office
District School Board of Niagara
191 Carlton Street
L2R 7P4
Tel: 905-641-1550
Constituency Offices
191 Carlton Street
, Ontario
L2R 7P4
Tel: (905) 358-9643
Helga Campbell

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Helga Campbell

Here are quotes from Helga Campbell on various life and family issues:

In answer to a CLC public trustee questionnaire asking if she would protect the parental authority & rights with regard to morally controversial curriculum, she doged personal responsibility by giving the following answer:  "Are you aware that the Education Act in Ontario allows the parent the right to make decisions that they feel are in the best interests of their children? I think any concern for the issues in your survey should be directed to provincial politicians, as they are the ones who make the laws. School boards are compelled to implement the legislation at the local level. Their funding is dependent on their compliance with the laws. The role of the trustee is to ensure that provincial legislation is implemented in the best interests of the students and parents in their jurisdiction."

[response to CLC questionnaire, Oct. 13, 2010]

Helga Campbell

Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Helga Campbell on Oct 13, 2010.

Question Response
Do you agree that parents, not the state, have the inherent right of primacy in education of children? Did not give a clear answer
Will you defend the inherent right of parents to be notified in advance regarding any lesson, speaker or presentation involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and gender ideology? Did not give a clear answer
Do you agree that parents should have the right to withdraw their children from classroom lessons or presentations involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and gender ideology? Did not give a clear answer
Helga Campbell

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