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Trustee Kathleen Woodcock

Waterloo Region District School Board, ON
Electoral District: Waterloo-Wilmot


Kathleen Woodcock
Not Supportable
Not Supportable
CLC rating: Pro-LGBT ideology
Rating Comments: At a WRDSB Trustee Board Meeting on January 17, 2022, this trustee voted to unfairly suppress a delegation presentation by a courageous teacher who was drawing attention to inappropriate children's books in the school library which presented very real potential harms to young children. The presentation was interrupted because it dared to question the age-appropriateness of these books that were promoting transgender and LGBT ideology, including sex change surgery, to impressionable children as young as 8 years of age.

Previously, Trustee Woodcock made comments promoting the dangerous, anti-scientific theories of gender identity and gender expression, and demanded the reinstatement of Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex curriculum, over and above the rights of parents to guide the moral education of their own children.
Position: Vice-Chairperson
Percentage in last election: 17.2% (2022)
Victory margin last election: 4.2% (2022)
Religion / Faith: unknown


Kathleen Woodcock
Parliamentary Office
Waterloo Region District School Board
51 Ardelt Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
N2C 2R5
Tel: 226-929-3101
Constituency Offices
49 Pinemeadow Cres
Waterloo, Ontario
N2T 1A6
Tel: 519-884-6023
Kathleen Woodcock

Here is Kathleen Woodcock's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Sex-Ed curriculum: Motions to protect parental rights in education against the Wynne government's sex-ed over-reach.
Trustees from various school boards made motions to curtail the Wynne government's imposition of its graphic sex-ed curriculum. The curriculum infringes on parental rights in education by forcing children at very young ages to be exposed to LGBTQ ideology, unhealthy sexual practices, and disordered gender concepts. Motions include those to delay implementation of the sex-ed curriculum to allow time for meaningful parental consultation, as well as a more detailed evaluation of the inadequate and evasive government-run consultation process.
Opposed bad
Support for in-school child-sexualization tactics that use perverse books / materials aimed at young children
Vote or statement in support of school-based child-sexualization via the use of perverse books and other "educational" materials aimed at polluting the imaginations of young, impressionable children. Such materials typically promote premature sexual fascination, experimentation, homoerotic fixations, and transgender ideology, including chemical or surgical mutilation of healthy body parts.
Yes bad
Motion to fill trustee vacancies by an appointment process, rather than through by-elections or offering vacant positions to election runners-up.
Anti-democratic Motion giving power to sitting trustees to arbitrarily appoint, based on some internal criteria, replacement trustees to fill vacancies. Under this Motion, voters would be totally ignored: no by-election would be called to allow voters a say in who fills a trustee vacancy; further, even trustee candidates who were runners-up in the previous municipal election, and therefore would have at least some statistical level of voters' support, would not be automaticallly approached to fill the vacancy.
Supported bad
Not Supportable
Life & family issues voting score: 0%
Kathleen Woodcock

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Kathleen Woodcock

Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Kathleen Woodcock on 2022.

Question Response
Do you agree that parents, not the state, have the inherent right of primacy in education of children? No (based on voting record)
Will you defend the inherent right of parents to be notified in advance regarding any lesson, speaker or presentation involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and gender ideology? No (based on voting record)
Do you agree that parents should have the right to withdraw their children from classroom lessons or presentations involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and gender ideology? No (based on voting record)
Kathleen Woodcock

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